The Doctors Healthy Dollar Menu & Banker Snacks For Kids


The Doctors TV Show was about How To Live Longer, and what better way to live a longer and better life than to eat well.  All to often people say on The Drs TV Show that they cannot afford to eat healthier foods because it is too expensive, so they eat food from fast food restaurants.  Dr Travis Stork made a very interesting point which is that the expense of having extra weight from a healthcare perspective is huge, so it really is not cheaper to eat fast food.  Here are some great ways to eat healthy, affordable food like The Doctors Healthy Dollar Menu, BANKER Snacks for kids and Dr Jim Sear’s Kale Chips!

The Doctors Healthy Dollar Menu

Dr Travis Stork suggested replacing fast-food burgers with one of the following:


1.  Lean Beef Burger – grill a lean beef patty and serve it on a whole wheat bun with spinach, tomato and light cheese.  Dr Stork said that this costs $1.33 per burger The Doctors Dollar Menuand is a fraction of the calories, fat and saturated fat of a fast-food burger.

2.  Chicken Sandwich – grill a skinless chicken breast and serve it on a whole wheat bun with spinach and tomato.  Each sandwich only costs $1.03 to make!

Dr Lisa Masterson recommended the following as healthy sides:


3.  Sweet Potato Fries – at just 103 calories per serving and 31 cents, sweet potato fries are a no-brainer (and kids love them too!)  Nancy Grace said that her twins love frozen sweet potato fries, and since you can buy them frozen, they are quick and easy to make.

4.  Brown rice is 108 calories and less than 25 cents per serving.  However, I really do not understand how brown rice is a good side dish for with a burger or chicken sandwich!

5.  Steamed broccoli is 54 cents and 31 calories per serving… now if only kids loved broccoli that is not smothered in cheese!

The Drs TV: BANKER Snacks for Kids

Dr Jim Sears said that whenever you wants to give snacks to kids, he remembers the acronym BANKER Snacks.  Here is what it stands for:

B – Bananas

A – Apples

N – Nuts

K – Kale

E – Eggs

R – Raisins

The Doctors Kale Chips Recipe

Dr Jim Sears said that the K in his Banker Snacks acronym stands for kale, but when was the last time that you saw a child eating kale happily?  I am so glad that Dr Jim expanded on his thoughts and said that he bakes kale into Kale Chips, which the kids on his show seemed to love.  Click here for the full recipe: Kale Chips Recipe


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