The Doctors: Gut-Blasting Gulpy Recipe and Kym Johnson Salsa Workout


The Doctors: Dr. Storks’ Gut-Blasting Gulpy Recipe

The Doctors TV show invited audience member Ann to the stage to pull a secret out of their weight loss vault. Ann pulled out a shake and said it was delicious. Dr. Travis Stork invited her over to show the audience how to make the “Gut-Blasting” Gulpy.

Dr. Stork said that the average American drinks 450 calories a day.



  • The base of the shake was 1 1/2 cups of Greek yogurt, which has protein and good carbs.
  • There are also 2 1/4 cups of frozen peaches, one pear and two handfuls of chopped dates, which add sweetness.
  • To add some spice, Dr. Stork included 1 1/2 teaspoons of ginger.

The Doctors: Gut-Blasting Gulpy Recipe and Kym Johnson Salsa Workout

Dr Travis Stork made his Gut Blasting Gulpy Recipe using peaches and other healthy ingredients.

After blending his drink until it was smooth, Dr. Stork sent everyone in the audience home with a Vitamix blender.

The Doctors: Dancing with the Stars’ Kym Johnson

Dancing with the Stars’ professional dancer Kym Johnson visited The Doctors TV show to share her moves for losing weight.


She said she feels like dancing is a move fun way to lose weight. Johnson also hosts a show called StarFit on the BeFit channel on YouTube. Her segments are only five minutes long, so anyone can find time to do them.

The Drs TV: Kym Johnson’s Salsa Dance Moves DVD

Johnson said that the Dancing with the Stars fitness DVDs involve cardio and Latin dance. She showed the doctors and the audience how to do a salsa dance. The salsa moves involved a lot of hip shaking and circles.

She said that salsa gets your heart rate going and it’s a lot of fun. The Doctors sent everyone in the audience home with a Dancing with the Stars Cardio Dance for Weight Loss DVD. Check out Johnson’s salsa moves in the video below.



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