The Doctors Cough Remedy: Grapes, Honey, Lemon & Cayenne Smoothie


The Doctors TV Show today was focused on encouraging us to Find Out What’s Wrong and Fix It.  I absolutely love Natural Home Remedies, and so I loved the segments that spoke about The Doctors Cough Remedy, an Eyedrop Pimple Remedy and a Frozen Q-Tip Puffy Eye Remedy.

The Doctors TV Show Cough Remedy

Dr Travis Stork said that grapes, especially grapes with seeds, are great for in an anti-cough cocktail because the seeds are full of The Doctors Cough Smoothieimportant vitamins like vitamin c and vitamin e.  However, you better make sure that you have a heavy duty blender that can finely puree even grape seeds.  I would highly suggest checking out the Vitamix or the Blendtec, both of which make the most out-of-this-world smoothies.  Dr Lisa Masterson’s ingredient for The Doctors Cough Remedy was honey, which coats and soothes your throat while fighting bacteria.  Dr Jim Sears warned that babies under the age of 1 should not eat raw honey because of the risk of Botulism.  The next ingredient is lemon, which is a natural expectorant and helps to soothe irritated throats and coughs.  And finally, Dr Andrew Ordon said that you should spice things up with cayenne pepper, because the capsaicin helps your lungs out.  Here is the full recipe, which I cannot wait to try!


The Doctors Cough Remedy Recipe:


1 cup grapes (with seeds)
2 tablespoons honey*
2 tablespoons lemon juice*
1 dash cayenne pepper*

*Adjust proportions to taste


The Doctors Cough Home Remedy Instructions:

1.  Place all of the ingredients into your blender, such as the Vitamix or the Blendtec.

2.  Warm up the smoothie for additional soothing of your throat and lungs.  Plus, warm liquids helps to get rid of mucus.

3.  Serve immediately!


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