Drs: Wacky Online Products + Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Doctors: Crazy Products Sold Online

The Doctors brought to the set, some of the most bizarre objects they’ve seen online. First was a product to make sure your fur-baby never has to leave your side. It’s called the Mewgaroo Hoodie and mom-to-be Dr Rachael Ross modeled it with her furry friend Madeline. It could put some more stress on your back, but it could help keep your pet baby close while you get things done!

Dr Travis Stork then played with Scooter Luggage meant for children, and he made a point to say that a helmet should definitely be worn while using it. They also looked at Shoe Mops which Dr Travis called “a groin strain waiting to happen.” Believe me when I say, you’re much better off just using a mop, but they could certainly spice up your cleaning routine!

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