Xtensor Review & Kevin Sorbo Stroke: The Doctors June 15 2012 Recap


The Doctors June 15 2012

Why do we have belly buttons? Why do men have nipples if they don’t need them? There are so many random questions we have about our bodies and our health, and The Doctors June 15 2012 show set out to answer at least some of these. Plus, learn about Kevin Sorbo’s Stroke recovery and see Betty White’s rap music video. Here are all the show highlights from The Doctors June 15 2012 episode.

Xtensor Review: Xtensor Hand Fitness Trainer

Kevin Sorbo Stroke: The Doctors June 15 2012

Hercules star Kevin Sorbo shared his stroke survival story with The Doctors June 15 2012 audience. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Do you use your hands at work or sit behind a keyboard all day? If so, you could be at risk for Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, and other complications. But the Xtensor Hand Fitness Trainer featured on The Doctors could help you strengthen the joints in your hand, not just the muscles. Also, The Doctors weighed in on a study linking soda to teen violence and Betty White’s rap music video.

The Doctors: Betty White “I’m Still Hot” & Xtensor Hand Fitness Trainer Review

Can You Live Without A Spleen?

Do you know what all the parts of your body do? The Doctors talked about the importance of the Spleen, and what happens if yours ruptures or has to be removed. Also, what is your Uvula for? Learn about some functions of body parts that are happening all the time without you even knowing it.


The Doctors: What Is A Uvula & Can You Live Without Your Spleen

How Aspirin Works & Why Men Have Nipples

The Doctors answered more health questions about mysterious body parts and unexplained medical quandaries. When you have a headache and you pop an aspirin, do you think abou thow it works to relieve your symptoms? Find out why men have nipples, and what that has to do with Male Breast Cancer.

The Drs: Why Do Men Have Nipples & How Does Aspirin Work

Kevin Sorbo True Strength Review

You know him as Hercules from the 1990s action series. But Kevin Sorbo is now making a name for himself as a health advocate and author of the book True Strength: My Journey From Hercules To Mere Mortal. He told The Doctors his harrowing survival story after suffering a series of four strokes. Find out why he said he is lucky to be where he is today, despite the prognosis he got at the hospital.

Kevin Sorbo “True Strength” Book Review & Stroke Symptoms

What Does My Belly Button Do?

This is a question even kids want to know about their bodies. What is your belly button for? By the time you are even aware enough to ask about it, it has already served its short but critical purpose in your life. Plus, what do parents need to know about a newborn’s umbilical stump?

The Doctors: What Does a Belly Button Do & Umbilical Stump Tips

The Drs: Impacted Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Wisdom Teeth don’t necessarily make you smarter, and they don’t always have to be removed either. The Doctors discovered what happens with Impacted Wisdom Tooth surgery, and talked about the importance and health impact of proper oral hygiene.

The Doctors: Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery


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