Weight Gain Causes & Slimdown Secrets: The Doctors September 28 2012


The Doctors September 28 2012

The Doctors September 28 2012 episode featured surprising ways that you are gaining weight, from traveling to wearing high heels.

The Doctors: Weight Gain From High Heels and Leggings?

The Doctors named some surprising things that can make you fat. Your alarm clock, the short, wide glass you drink juice out of, and your high heels can all lead to weight gain. Find out if leggings also make you pack on the pounds.


The Doctors: Baby Formula Can Lead to Obesity

Weight gain in babies can come from being fed formula, as opposed to breast milk.

The Doctors September 28 2012: Alarm Clocks, Traveling and Weight Gain

Studies have shown that people who go to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time each morning weigh less. Most adults need 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

The bacteria in your intestines might make you absorb more carbohydrates. Researchers tested their theory on mice with surprising results.


The Doctors: Married v. Single Weight Gain

If your spouse eats poorly and frequently overeats, you’re also 57% more likely to overeat too. Try sharing an entree when going out to dinner to stop overeating.

The Doctors: Traveling and Packing on Pounds

People who travel frequently are more likely to gain weight from the stress of being on the go. It’s important to workout and make good food choices when you’re away from home.

BPAs found in plastic and various other things could be making you fat. They cause overproduction of insulin, which can lead to diabetes.

The Doctors: 10 Second Slim Downs

After doing her whole wedding herself, from making the dress to making the cake, viewer Amanda was a little bit stressed out. Coupled with a 20 pound weight gain and moving six times in nine months, she was in need of a massage and some relaxation. She also learned Dr. Stork’s 10 second slim downs.

Because of hormone changes, women are more likely to put on weight during menopause than any other time in their life.


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