The Drs TV: Incisionless POSE Procedure May Be Key To Obesity Epidemic


The Doctors June 20 2013 Recap

The Doctors looked at a new groundbreaking weight loss procedure, called the POSE Procedure, which could can help a person lose up to 60 pounds without any type of incision. Is it safe? Could this be our secret weapon against obesity? Keep reading to find out.

The Drs: POSE Procedure Weight Loss & Chain Restaurant Food High in Fat

The Drs: Incisionless POSE Procedure May be Key to Obesity Epidemic

The Doctors June 20 2013 check out the POSE procedure, a new incisionless procedure that could be the key to ending the obesity epidemic.


Could the POSE procedure be the solution to flabby stomachs? The Doctors look at the procedure and weigh in on whether the procedure is safe or not. Click the link below to watch a video of the incisionless procedure and how it could help America fight it’s problem with obesity.

The Drs Chain Restaurant Food High in Fat & POSE Procedure Weight Loss

The Drs: Plug Nose While Eating & Exercise on a Full Stomach or Empty

Do you know whether you should workout on a full stomach or on an empty stomach? The Doctors have the answer. They also go over the solution to getting rid of cankles. Plus, they debunk one health myth. Click the link to find out which myth it is.


The Drs Exercise on a Full Stomach or Empty & Plug Nose While Eating

The Doctors: Running Downhill or Walking Uphill Burns More Calories

Do you know which one burns more calories? Should you run down a hill or walk up a hill? The Doctors explain the answer. They also shared even more tips for burning calories while working out.

The Doctors Walking up Hill or Running Down Hill Burning More Calories

The Drs: Pressure & Working Out Can Be Related to Hearing Loss, Damage

Do you have hearing loss when you are working out? The Doctors explain why this happens and reveal that the pressures of working out with too many weights could cause hearing loss.

The Drs: Working Out & Pressure Can Be Related to Hearing Loss, Damage

The Drs: Does Birth Control Work on Obese & Hand Measurements for Food

Did you ever think you could use your hands as measuring cups? The Doctors explain how to use each part of your hand for a different measurement. Plus, Dr. Lisa Masterson explained how weight could be affecting how well your birth control works.

The Drs: Hand Measurements for Food & Does Birth Control Work on Obese


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