The Drs: Kallmann Syndrome, Pilar Cyst Removal & Symptoms Of Eczema


The Doctors June 4 2013

On The Doctors June 4 2013, a man with Kallmann’s syndrome came on the show and got an explanation for what exactly it is, an oozing hole in Alicia’s head was fixed, and Nathalie got a punch biopsy to see why she had dark, leathery skin pigmentation.

The Doctors: Kallmann Syndrome & 27-Year-Old Man Hasn’t Hit Puberty

The Drs: Kallmann Syndrome, Pilar Cyst Removal & Symptoms Of Eczema

Why hadn’t a 27-year-old man gone through puberty yet? Kallmann Syndrome was the cause.


On “TMI Tuesday” this week, the doctors encountered Brandon, a 27-year-0ld-man that hasn’t hit puberty. Despite his imposing height of 6’3″, Brandon had no hair on his arms, legs, or face, and basically had the same voice he had when he was 12. Beyond a show of a doubt, all of the doctors agreed that Brandon had yet to undergo puberty.

Since Brandon also lacked a sense of smell, the doctors knew that there was an issue with his pituitary gland, a key player in the occurrence of puberty. As it turned out, Brandon had extremely low levels of testosterone and other hormones necessary for puberty. The doctors came to the conclusion that Brandon had Kallmann syndrome, and they worked on a solution for it.

The Doctors: 27-Year-Old Man Hasn’t Hit Puberty & Kallmann Syndrome


The Doctors: Pilar Cyst Removal Procedure & Oozing Hole In The Head

Alicia has had an oozing hole in her head since she was a child, and came on the show today to get the matter resolved. Though the hole was tiny and located near her ear, she had become very self-concious about it and come on the show looking for a solution. She also had a large bump on her head identified as a Pilar Cyst, and the doctors removed that for her as well.

The Doctors: Oozing Hole In The Head & Pilar Cyst Removal Procedure

The Doctors: Dr. Sandra Lee Punch Biopsy & Signs of Eczema

Nathalie came into the show with an unusual problem—dark, leathery skin on her hands and feet. The Doctors ran a punch test, and determined that Nathalie had either crokeratoelastoidosis or focal acral hyperkeratosis, neither of which had cures, but they did have treatments. Then, the doctors tried to diagnose eczema in another patient, who wished to remain anonymous. They also listed out some of the symptoms of eczema.

The Doctors: Signs of Eczema & Dr. Sandra Lee Punch Biopsy


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