The Doctors TV Show Recap March 5 2012


The Doctors March 5 2012

Could your personality traits be leading to worsening health problems? The Doctors looked at common traits that could affect your health, and you can read about their advice using these links.

The Doctors: Rectal Prostate Exam

The Drs: Personality & Health

"Learn how to overcome negative personality traits and take advantage of new medical options, procedures & alternatives for back pain, birth control & hernias.


If your wife or girlfriend is nagging you about putting off your rectal exam, you might want to listen up. Getting things checked out can prevent them from getting out of hand. Also, Dr. Lisa explained what women can expect during a Gynecological Exam.

The Doctors: Rectal Prostate Exam | Gyno Guide & Pap Smears

The Doctors: Hot Flash Spray Review

Menopause is a reason to throw a party, not go into hiding, according to Dr. Lisa. She shared products and advice for embracing this new stage of a woman’s life.


The Drs: Hot Flash Relief Spray Review & Eye Exam Health Warnings

The Doctors: Skyscraper Running Review

Have you heard of the new fitness phenomenon Skyscraper Running? Learn why it’s more effective than walking and better for your joints than traditional running. Also, could your laziness be associated with health risks, or is there a medical reason behind it?

The Doctors: Skyscraper Running & Laziness Vs Lethargy

The Doctors: BARS Chronic Herniated Disc Surgery

If you have had multiple hernias, there is a new procedure called BARS that could provide permanent relief against the possibility of future recurrence. Learn who is a candidate, and how the surgery adjusts your anatomy.

The Doctors: BARS Chronic Hernia Relief Surgery Results

Medtronic Adaptive Stim Restore Spinal Cord Stimulator Review

Back pain is a problem affecting millions of Americans. While there are a variety of therapies out there, it can be tough to find the right one for you. A new option actually stimulates the spinal cord and adapts to your behavior to provide lasting relief.

Medtronic Adaptive Stim Restore Spinal Cord Stimulator Review

The Doctors: Adiana Review

If you don’t want your tubes tied but are tired of other contraceptive regimens, there could be a permanent solution that’s right for you. Learn about this minimally invasive procedure that uses scar tissue to permanently prevent pregnancy.

The Doctors: Adiana Permanent Birth Control Procedure Review


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