The Doctors TV Show Recap March 22 2012


The Doctors March 22 2012

The Doctors had their own day of hot topics with this episode, featuring popular Internet viral videos and stories that are making headlines. Read about the controversial and talked about medical issues that have been in the news using the links below. Then tell us what you think about these cases.

The Drs: Mystery Illness

Doctors are stumped by the mystery tic illness spreading at one New York high school.


The Doctors: Paula Deen Diabetes Controversy

She’s been whipping up Southern delights for years on our TVs. Now celebrity Chef Paula Deen is whipping up controversy. The butter loving kitchen maven recently announced that she has diabetes, and now she is endorsing a Diabetes Drug. See what The Doctors think about this.

The Doctors: Paula Deen Type 2 Diabetes Drug Endorsement Scandal

The Doctors: Tic Illness at NY High School

It’s the story that has doctors stumped and families concerned. At a New York high school, a cluster of students are coming down with tics and other symptoms. What could the explanation be? Questions continue to arise in this high profile case, and parents are searching for answers.


The Drs: Mystery Tic Illness NY High School & Conversion Disorder

The Drs: Mystery Diagnosis: Tic Patient Alycia Nicholson

It’s one of the most talked about medical stories in recent memory. Teenager Alycia Nicholson is at the center of a headline-making outbreak of unexplained illness that is spreading through a New York high school. She and her father visited The Doctors in hopes that they could help figure out what’s really going on. They said the results were good news, but you may find that they raise even more questions.

The Drs: Tic Patient Alycia Nicholson Mystery Diagnosis Results

The Doctors: Watermelon Slingshot Viral Video

Laughter is good for your health. Have you seen any good viral videos lately? The Doctors shared clips from The Amazing Race and an amazing birth that happened in a moving car on a Texas highway. Find out how these accidental Internet stars are doing now.

The Doctors: Baby Delivered In Moving Car & Watermelon Slingshot

The Drs: David After Dentist Update & Swearing Kids

“David After Dentist” is one of the most popular viral videos ever to hit YouTube. How is David doing now, four years after his rise to fame? Plus, how can you handle the problem of young children swearing, without making the problem worse? Dr. Jim has answers for parents.

The Drs: David After Dentist Update & Dealing With Kids Swearing

The Doctors: Webcam 101 Viral Video & Seniors Dementia Risks

We all wish our grandparents were as sweet and charming as the Huffmans, whose struggles with their webcam turned into a viral sensation. Now the couple is checking in with The Doctors for advice on beating dementia.

The Drs: Webcam 101 For Seniors Update & Reducing Dementia Risks


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