The Doctors TV Show Recap March 16 2012


The Doctors TV Show Recap March 16 2012

We all know about Fix a Flat, and some of us probably even keep it in the trunk of the car for emergencies. But instead of vehicle maintenance, The Doctors focused on body maintenance, and ways to help you fix your flats.

Plus, learn about the new technology-induced epidemic of Text Neck, and how it could endanger your teen’s health. Read on for the full details, using these links to the show’s segments.


The Drs: Flat Stomach Fix

What lengths would you go to for a flat stomach or to fix your flat butt?

The Doctors: Flat Butt Horror Stories

Some people are so desperate to reap the benefits of plastic surgery that they’ll do almost anything. A woman in Florida was illegally performing butt implants for patients using household products and chemicals, like cement. Read the horrifying stories of her victims, and learn about safer alternatives to improving your figure.

The Doctors: Booty Pop, Butt Implants & Brazilian Butt Lift


The Doctors: UC Davis Pepper Spray Victim Speaks

Pepper spray can be a useful self defense weapon, when used properly. But last winter’s rash of hostile pepper spray use at protests and even in retails stores had everyone talking. The Doctors spoke with a victim of the UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident, and explained how the chemical affects your body.

The Doctors: Pepper Spray Safety, Dangers & Victims

The Drs: Flat Feet & Back Fat Fixes

Flat feet are a common problem, affecting up to 3/4 of the population. Read about how a joint implant can help relieve the most severe cases and give you foot comfort once again. If you’re not sure whether your child has flat feet, learn the simple test you can do at home to find out. Plus, cures and solutions for the problem of back fat.

The Drs: Flat Feet Subtalar Joint Implant & Back Fat Solutions

The Doctors: Text Neck Causes Flat Spine Damage

Teen bodies are still undergoing rapid development, and proper health practices are vitally important. But the increasing popularity of cell phones and other personal electronics are leading to a stunning new medical condition doctors are calling Text Neck. Find out if your child could be affected, and ways you can help them prevent further damage.

The Doctors: Text Neck Spine Damage & Prevention Exercises

The Drs: Flat Head Baby Head Shaping Helmets

The threat of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome has led to pediatricians telling parents to put kids to sleep on their backs. But sleeping on their back can cause a child to develop Flat Head. Learn how it can be detected and corrected using a special helmet.

The Drs: Flat Head Prevention, Baby Head Shaping Helmets & SIDS

The Doctors: Fix Flat Hair & Get a Flat Stomach

If flat hair is your problem, check out the Seductress Flat Iron recommended by Dr. Lisa. It’s the perfect time to get started on your beach body, with summer just around the corner. Learn how Dr. Travis can help you get a flatter stomach so you can show it off.

The Doctors: Seductress Flat Iron & Lean Belly Prescription


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