The Doctors TV Show Recap March 1 2012


The Doctors March 1 2012

Today’s show was all about the health lessons we can learn from children. See what your kids can teach you about staying fit and feeling better with today’s tips, using these links.

Alyssa: Teen Who Can Talk Backwards

The Doctors: Kids Health Advice

The Doctors let kids give the advice today, from benefits of playtime to health effects of playing with your food.


The Doctors met the YouTube sensation Alyssa, who is famous for being able to repeat any word backwards instantly. They put her talent to the test. Also, the toddler speaking out about sexist toy marketing. And, the dangers of toy vending machines when children get trapped inside them.

Children Trapped in Toy Machines | Alyssa: Teen Talking Backwards

The Doctors: Tonsillectomy for Sleep Apnea

Do you know how much sugar is too much in your children’s cereal? Also, what role do tonsils play when it comes to Sleep Apnea? Learn how a Tonsillectomy could help them sleep through the night.


The Drs: Tonsillectomy for Sleep Apnea | Cereal Sugar Content

The Doctors: Springfree Trampoline Review

Guinea pig Dr. Jim Sears learned some freerunning moves and maneuvers at an adult playground in Los Angeles. Plus, he demonstrated a new generation of safer Springfree Trampolines, and The Doctors shared trampoline safety recommendations.

The Doctors: Springfree Trampoline Review & Adult Playgrounds

The Doctors: MIT Aging Suit Simulation

Many of us have heard about the drunk driving simulators that give you an idea of how alcohol impairs your faculties. Now MIT researchers have developed a similar way to recreate the degenerative health effects of old age, and The Doctors put it to the test.

The Doctors: MIT Aging Suit Simulation & Elderly Health Problems

How A Stethoscope Works

It turns out that the Seinfeld gang was right. Holding your urine can be hazardous to your health. Find out what happens when a urinary tract infection goes untreated. Also, The Doctors weigh in on how medical equipment works and whether you should keep medical devices on hand at home.

Holding Your Urine Health Dangers & How A Stethoscope Works

The Doctors: mOmma Baby Utensils Review

Dr. Jim Sears shared new utensils designed to help babies develop motor skills and learn how to eat. Plus, find out how playing with food and eating with your hands can help you eat less and lose weight.

The Doctors: mOmma Baby Utensils Review & Playing With Your Food


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