The Doctors TV Show Recap January 30 2012


The Doctors January 30, 2012

Find out what you missed on The Doctors, including some great recipes, by clicking the links in each section below.

Men Vs Women Insurance Premiums

Are you surprised to learn that women have higher insurance premiums than men? Learn about the reason for this discrimination. Also, Atlanta is targeting parents with controversial new anti-obesity ads. See them for yourself.


The Drs: Men Vs Women Insurance Premiums & Kids Anti-Obesity Ads

Doctors: Healthy Recipe Swaps

Learn to make healthier turkey burgers and chocolate cake using today's recipes.

The Doctors: Meningitis Symptoms

Learn how one mother used social networking to reach out to neighbors and warn them about her son’s case of Meningitis. Also, which STDs are growing among older adults, and why you need to protect yourself at any age.

The Doctors: Nextdoor Social Network & Meningitis Symptoms


The Doctors: Warm Golf Ball Massage

Find out why spending a day playing 18 holes is actually good for your health. Also, how golf balls are being used for massage you can do for yourself.

The Doctors: Golf Ball Massage & Plantar Fasciitis Massage

The Doctors: Skinny Burger Recipe

For a burger swap that still has juicy meat flavor, try this Skinny Turkey Burger. It’s easy and has the meatiness of a burger without the fat and calories of ground beef.

The Doctors: Skinny Turkey Burger Recipe

The Drs TV: Sand Moisturizer Recipe

Taking care of your dry knees and elbows is a day at the beach with this home remedy for healthier skin.

The Drs: Sand Moisturizer Recipe With Almond Oil & Rosemary Oil

The Drs: Exilis Skin Tightening Treatment

Check out this new procedure that may have you skipping Liposuction or a Tummy Tuck for a less invasive procedure that still gets results.

The Doctors: Exilis Skin Tightening Treatment Without Surgery

The Doctors: Leonisa Shapewear Review

Can Shapewear help you lose weight? Probably not, but it does have surprising benefits for your skin. Also, a new workout based on the rhythm associated with playing the drums. Maybe this can shake up your fitness routine.

The Doctors: Leonisa Shapewear Review & Pound Workout Review

Chef Chloe’s Healthier Chocolate Cake Recipe

Here’s another easy way to indulge your taste buds without giving in to fat and calories. Find out how to make a tasty, healthier version of classic chocolate cake.

The Doctors: Chef Chloe’s Healthier Chocolate Cake Recipe


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