The Doctors TV Show Recap February 3 2012


The Doctors February 3, 2012

Today it’s the Beauty Bowl, giving you ways to look and feel more beautiful before the big game. Click the links below and get additional information about these topics.

The Drs: Beauty Bowl

Your Super Bowl spread can actually help clear your complexion and beautify your skin.


The Drs: Bald Barbie Campaign

A young girl started a huge Facebook campaign to get Mattel to produce a Bald Barbie to give hope to women and girls who are battling cancer in their families. Also, researchers could be on the path to how stem cells can lead to amazing developments in longevity and youthfulness.

The Drs: Bald Barbie, Factor X Anti-Aging Stem Cells & Beauty Bowl

The Doctors: Bag Balm & Lip Balm Irritant Ingredients

Get beauty secrets the professionals use, like what makes Bag Balm a great moisturizer you may not have heard of. Also, could your lip balm actually be dehydrating your lips? Learn how to tell when your beauty problems are cosmetic or medical.


The Doctors: Bag Balm Review for Chapped Lips

The Doctors: Internal Bra Surgery & iLipo Cellulite Treatment

Have you ever thought about getting the support of a bra from inside your body? A new procedure gives you that option if your chest needs more support. Also, you can get liposuction treatment without going under the knife.

The Doctors: Internal Bra Surgery & iLipo Cellulite Treatment

The Doctors: Garlic Acne Remedy & How To Look Perfect in Photos

You may be surprised to learn that your favorite party snacks could be good for your health and complexion as well. Learn why you might want to put some salsa or sour cream on your face. Plus, a Top Model shares how to look your best in front of the camera.

The Doctors: Garlic Acne Remedy & How To Look Perfect in Photos

The Doctors: Cactus Juice & Cheryl Tiegs

All American supermodel Cheryl Tiegs shares her secrets for aging gracefully, including the Anti-Aging Cactus Juice she has for breakfast every morning. Also, find out why she did like her time on The Celebrity Apprentice.

The Doctors: Anti-Aging Cactus Juice | Cheryl Tiegs

The Doctors: Snakeskin Nails Python Pedicure

If you’re afraid of snakes, you might want to skip the Python Pedicure, but no snakes are harmed in the making of this trendy treatment. Plus, beauty products you can try for yourself.

The Drs: Snakeskin Nails Python Pedicure, Rapid Lash & Wrinkle Revenge


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