The Doctors TV Show Recap February 23 2012


The Doctors February 23 2012

If you have chronic health problems or symptoms that always seem to get worse once the sun goes down, The Doctors have the answers for you. Read the links below to find out how to get relief.

The Doctors: Nighttime Health

Learn the nighttime health secrets that can help you alleviate symptoms and get better sleep.


The Doctors: Urgent Med House Calls Review

Would you leave your child at an all night daycare? Would you like your doctor to treat you in your own home? Learn why some people are extremely disoriented when they wake up from sleep, and what causes severe nighttime headaches.

The Doctors: Urgent Med House Calls, 24/7 Daycare & Hypersomnia

The Drs: Chest Rub Congestion Remedy

Are you constantly waking up at night to go to the bathroom? Find out what you can do to find solutions. Also, learn the science behind what makes your cold symptoms worse at night, and what you can do about them.


The Drs: Frequent Urination Causes & Chest Rub Congestion Remedy

Chillow Pillow For Night Sweats Review

Night Sweats are a common medical complaint, and there could be a variety of underlying causes. In some cases, doctors don’t know why it happens. Learn about products that can help you sleep a little easier. Also, is it safe to wake someone who is having a nightmare?

Chillow Pillow For Night Sweats & How To Wake A Sleepwalker

Holcomb C3-R & Keratoconus Eye Surgery for Night Blindness

In the past, doctors would recommend Cornea Transplants for severe cases of night blindness. But there is a new surgical alternative that is less invasive and gets lasting results. Learn of this exciting new technology.

Holcomb C3-R & Keratoconus Eye Surgery for Night Blindness

The Drs: Foot & Heel Pain Natural Remedies

If you are on your feet all day, it makes sense that your heels are hurting by the end of the day. Learn how you can alleviate this pain, and what doctors can do if it’s an extreme and escalating problem.

The Drs: Foot & Heel Pain Ultrasound Injections & Natural Remedies

Nite Ize SlapLit & TwistLit Bike Light Review

Light up the night with bike accessories to make you visible and prevent tragic bicycling accidents. Also, learn how to alleviate the symptoms of your child’s eczema.

Nite Ize SlapLit & TwistLit Bike Light Review | Relieving Eczema


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