The Doctors TV Show Recap February 10 2012


The Doctors February 10 2012

Today The Doctors answered viewer questions, saying there is no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to health.

The Doctors: Neti Pot’s Brain Amoeba Dangers

The Doctors have advocated Neti Pot usage on the show before. They addressed some recent deaths related to their use and explained what you can do to make sure you are using your Neti Pot safely.


The Doctors: Neti Pots Safety Risk & Brain Amoebas In Tap Water

The Doctors: Driving While Sick

If you're too sick to work, you probably shouldn't be behind the wheel either.

The Drs: Sick Driving = Drunk Driving?

Is driving while sick as impairing as driving drunk? A British study thinks so, and says that sick drivers are causing over 100,000 accidents every year. Also, how long is too long to have Bronchitis?


The Drs: Drunk Driving Vs Sick Driving & How To Treat Bronchitis

The Doctors: Anal Hair Removal

What’s the safest way to remove your nose hairs: pluck or trim? Plus, what you need to know about removing hair from sensitive areas, such as the nipples and genitals.

The Doctors: Plucking Vs Trimming Nose Hair & Removing Anal Hair

The Doctors: Kidney Infection Test

Should you be concerned about pain near your organs? How to tell if your kidneys or muscles might be to blame. Also, why do we have two of some organs, but only one of others?

The Doctors: Muscle Pain Vs Organ Pain & Kidney Infection Test

The Doctors: Keratosis Treatments

Learn the difference between two skin conditions, Keratosis and Acne, and find out ways you can treat both of them anywhere on your body.

The Doctors: Keratosis Vs Acne & Treatment Options

The Doctors: Fallopian Infertility

The Fallopian Tubes are important in fertility, but can you still get pregnant if you only have one of them? Also, is it OK to do things during your period, and can you still get pregnant if you’re menstruating?


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