The Doctors TV Show Recap: December 7, 2010


The Doctors TV Show on December 7, 2010 focused on the question “Why Do I Itch & Smell That Way?”  The Drs TV Show covered everything from Itchy Gums to Itchy Throats to the Smell of Poop to Stinky Feet to Bad Breath.  Not all of the topics on the show were appealing to think about but there’s lots of practical information for us to use!The Doctors Recap December 7 2010

The Doctors TV Show Recaps for December 7, 2010:

The Doctors TV Show: Itchy Gum Causes & Itchy Throat Cures


The Doctors: Why Does Poop Smell & Are Air Fresheners Dangerous?

The Doctors TV Show: Flea Bites & Bug Bite Treatments

The Doctors TV Show: Stinky Feet Home Remedy with Baking Soda

The Doctors TV Show: Tongue Raking & Hydro Floss for Bad Breath

The Doctors: 17 Day Diet Cookie Recipe & Extreme Eating Awards



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