The Doctors TV Show Recap: December 3, 2010


The Doctors TV Show on December 3, 2010 focused on the topic of “Your Health In The Headlines.”  But, before we go on to the list of The Drs TV Show Recaps, here are some final health tips that The Doctors mentioned. The Doctors Recap December 3 2010

The Doctors: Garlic Breath Cure – Milk?

The Doctors said that garlic is a wonderful thing to eat, but it is horrible for your breath.  As your body digests garlic, the scent can come out of your breath and through your sweat.  By drinking milk, you actually reduce the chemical reactions that cause the garlic odors by 50%.  All you need to do is to drink 500 ml of milk.  Drink milk after you eat garlic, maybe as part of your dessert.  It is better to actually drink the milk with your meal, but who can drink milk while eating an entree full of garlic?  Dr Oz also did a segment on this topic!


The Doctors: Health Benefits of Walnuts

The Doctors did a short segment sponsored by Ensure called Nutrition In Charge.  Stress can narrow your arteries and increase your risk of heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.  Walnuts help to limit bad cholesterol and improve the lining of your arteries.  Walnuts are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants as well.  Some of the health benefits of walnuts include its ability to fight heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

The Doctors: USA Weekend Magazine

Do not forget to checkout The Doctors column this weekend in the USA Weekend Magazine!  I will do my best to get my hands on a copy and to post a summary of the article for everyone!

The Doctors TV Show Recaps for December 3, 2010:

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The Doctors: Mexican Beer Dermatitis or Drinkers Dermatitis

The Doctors: Eucerin Skin First Pledge & Eucerin Calming Body Wash

The Doctors: Gas Pump Gloves, Gas Gloves or Pump Gloves

The Doctors: All-In-One Sink Urinal: Yeong Woo Kim Urinal Sink

The Doctors: Allay Menstrual Patch


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