The Doctors TV Show Recap: December 2, 2010


The Doctors TV Show on December 2, 2010 focused on the topic of how to Solve Your Biggest Double Dilemmas, which included everything from the Terrible Twos to How to Burn Twice the Calories During a Workout to How to Remove a Double Chin.  But before we go on to the list of The Drs TV Show Recaps, here are some final health tips that The Doctors mentioned. The Doctors Recap December 2 2010

The Doctors TV Show: Flossing Adds 6 Years to Your Life

The Doctors said that it is crucial to floss twice a day because it can add 6 years to your life.  How you might ask?  Well, flossing can decrease your risk of Heart Disease because it all comes down to inflammation.  The same thing that can cause inflammation in your gums can cause inflammation in your coronary artery which can cause Heart Attacks.


The Doctors TV Show: US Consumer Product Safety Commission

As part of the segment on The Doctors TV Show called Prescription For Health sponsored by CVS, they spoke about how the government tries to protect consumers from dangerous products that could cause fire or could be hazardous for children.  That is why we should all check the government recall website by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to look for recalls on kids items and other products.  If the product is unsafe and you should stop using it, it will give you detailed instructions on the website.  Or if you are supposed to contact the manufacturer to get parts to make the product safe, the website will state that too.

The Doctors TV Show Recap for December 2, 2010:

The Doctors: Identical Twins vs Fraternal Twins & DNA Swab Test

The Doctors TV: Double Jointed


The Doctors TV Show: Vacation Myth: Does Vacation Stress You Out

The Doctors: Sperm Donor Controversy

The Doctors: Terrible Twos Tips

The Doctors TV Show: Double Vision Causes & Double Vision Treatments

The Doctors TV Show: How to Burn Double the Calories

The Doctors TV Show: Double Chin Surgery or Chin Augmentation


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