The Doctors TV Show Recap: December 1, 2010


The Doctors TV Show on December 1, 2010 focused on the topic of “What Tests Do I Need?”.  The final tip from Dr Lisa Masterson was about important tests that every woman needs to have: The Drs TV Show Recap December 1 2010

The Drs: Women’s Health Tests

– Pap Smear


– Pelvic Exam

– Bone Density

– Thyroid Test


– Cholesterol Test

Consult with your doctor about what tests you might need at your age and make sure to make your own health a priority.  Talk to your doctor about tests that you need and do not assume that you are healthy just because you feel fine.  Pick up the phone and call to make an appointment right now!

Before listing The Drs TV Show Recaps for today, here is some advice from Dr Stork about how to avoid back pain when doing chores like cleaning out the garage and yard work.  This comes from the No Need To Worry segment on The Doctors, sponsored by Aleve.

The Doctors: How to Avoid Back Injuries

1.  Warm up and stretch your body

2.  Use proper lifting and bending techniques

3.  Bend at your knees

4.  Keep your back straight

5.  Keep your core muscles engaged if you are lifting or bending

And if you have back pain that will not go away, then consult with your doctor.

The Doctors TV Show Recap for December 1, 2010:

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The Doctors: Dental Tests: TMJ Test & Oral Cancer Screening

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The Doctors: Pet Tests, Dog Exams & Ask the Vet

The Doctors: Alzheimers Test: Spinal Tap or Spinal Fluid Test


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