The Doctors TV Show: Mucus Color Guide & Vitamin A Stops Eye Boogers


The Doctors June 19 2013 Recap

You might want to put down your lunch if you going to read this. The Doctors covered some of the grossest, slimiest and vile topics on their June 19 2013 episode. They went over what different colored mucus to mean about your health, which colors of vomit mean you need to go to the hospital and they showed a video of man getting a cyst removed.

The Drs: Why Mucus is Important To Us & Mucus Coloring What it May Mean

The Drs: Differences in Mucus Coloring & Vitamin A Stops Eye Boogers

The Doctors June 19 2013 looked at the various colors of mucus and vomit and explained what each color means and they revealed how to get rid of eye boogers.


The Doctors explained what different colors of music mean about your health. They also revealed it is impossible to reveal what kind of disease you have just from mucus. Just because your mucus is green, does not mean it is always a sinus infection.

The Drs Mucus Coloring What it May Mean & Why Mucus is Important To Us

The Drs: What Colored Vomit Means & What is Your Poo Telling You Review

Dr. Anish Sheth, author of What is Your Poo Telling You, looked at some different colored vomit and explained what each color could mean. Some colors are not very dangerous while others need to be checked out right away by a doctor. Click the link below to find out which colors you should worry about.


The Drs What is Your Poo Telling You Review & What Colored Vomit Means

The Drs: Hemorrhoids Affect Bowel Movement & Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Dr. Sheth explained that irritable bowel syndrome is not a psychological disorder as it was thought to be in the past. He also talked about hemorrhoids and the effects they have on your bowel movements.

The Drs: Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Hemorrhoids Affect Bowel Movement

The Drs: More Vitamin A Stops Eye Boogers & How to Remove a Cyst

The Doctors helped one man have a cyst removed and they talked with two 5-year-old twins about why they continue to get such terrible eye boogers. Who would have thought it is connected to what they are eating?

The Drs How to Remove a Cyst & More Vitamin A Rids Body of Eye Boogers

The Drs: Properly Cleaning Teeth & What Foods Help Increase Virility?

The Doctors helped one couple who is trying to get pregnant by giving them some advice on how to make themselves more fertile. They also discussed the proper way to brush your teeth. Click the link below to see if you have been brushing your teeth correctly.

The Drs What Foods Help Increase Virility & Properly Cleaning Teeth


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