The Doctors TV Recap: November 29 2010


The Doctors show on November 29, 2010 was about Scary Symptoms That Are Harmless.  Here are a few more harmless but scary symptoms that they mentioned: The Doctors Recap November 29 2010

1.  Lice is a big nuisance and parents worry about it a lot, but lice do not carry any other diseases so are basically harmless.


2.  People worry about wounds, incisions or cuts when they open up, because they think it will scar or get infected.  But the body can heal itself from the inside out sometimes, this is called Healing by Secondary Intention.

3.  Urinating frequently is not usually a big problem.

And the final takeaway from The Doctors is that a lot of when to worry comes down to common sense.  Although, sometimes you will see symptoms that are not worrisome generally, but they turn out to be serious.  So if something does not seem right, get it checked out by your doctor.


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Also, here are the Everyday Health tips from today’s show of The Doctors which are a few ways to manage pain:

1. Chinese Acupuncture is where they place needles in certain places on your body and it can help to remove or reduce pain.

2.  Massage can ease Chronic Pain – do you hear that husbands throughout the world?

3.  Physical Therapy can help Arthritis.


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