The Doctors TV Recap January 26 2012


The Doctors January 26, 2012

Today’s episode had a variety of interesting stories and information, from how to escape a sinking car to why your newborn baby needs to poop as quickly as possible. To learn more about today’s show, click the links below.

The Drs: ResQMe Keychain

Why A Baby Must Poop In The First 48 Hours

Why A Baby Has To Poop In The First 48 Hours


I’m not sure what I would do if I found myself drowning in a car. But now I know there’s a keychain I could use to cut myself out of my seatbelt AND shatter the window so I can escape. Also, the harrowing story of a Utah rescue when three kids were trapped in a car filled with icy water.

The Doctors: ResQMe Keychain & How To Escape A Sinking Car

Adderal Shortage & ADHD Alternatives

Adderal users and parents of hyper children are freaking out over the FDA-imposed Adderal shortage. But your kid might not need medication anyway. Learn ways you can try to alleviate their symptoms without drugs. Also, why it’s important to get control of your Hyperventilation, and how to do that.


The Drs: ADHD Adderal Alternatives & Hyperventilation Remedies

Hemorrhoidectomy: Hemorrhoid Surgery

Hemorrhoids will affect half the adult population in their lifetimes. Many can be treated at home, but here’s how the surgery works when they get too inflamed. Also, what to do if you experience chronic laryngitis that will help it go away faster.

The Doctors: Hemorrhoidectomy | Laryngitis Causes & Treatments

The Doctors: Boot Band Boot Extenders

If you have fat or overly developed calves, you have got to check out Boot Band boot extensions, which zip into your boots and give you more room to work with. Also learn about calf liposuction. Plus, why your hip hurts after you exercise.

The Drs: Boot Band Boot Extensions & Tumescent Calf Liposuction

The Doctors: Hair Transplant Surgery

If you’re struggling with baldness, maybe this surgery is for you. Also, if your heels hurt in the morning, it could be Plantar Fasciitis. Find out what to do.

The Doctors: 4-Step Hair Transplant Surgery & Plantar Fasciitis

Why a Baby has to Poop in the First 48 Hours

Babies are supposed to have their first bowel movement within 48 hours. If not, they may have Hirschsprung’s Disease and need to have colon surgery! Also, do you know how to tell if your child has ringworm?

The Doctors: Hirschsprung’s Disease In Babies & Ringworm Vs Rash


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