The Doctors TV Recap January 25 2012


The Doctors TV January 25, 2012

Chronic pain affects millions of Americans. Today’s tips are all about how you can manage that pain and find relief. Check out the links below for additional information.

The Doctors: Banned Baby Names

The Drs: Chronic Pain

How to treat tension headaches without medicine, and other chronic pain solutions.


Naming your child is a huge decision, and in some countries it’s even more difficult because certain names are banned. Learn what the most popular American baby names were in 2011, and see some outrageous celebrity baby name choices. Also, understand Nick Cannon’s battle with Kidney Failure. And, should pregnancy be considered a disability?

The Doctors: Is Pregnancy A Disability & Banned Baby Names

The Drs: Deviated Septum Surgery

One man has never been able to breathe through his nose. He said he felt like he had a cold & congestion for his entire life, until this surgery. Also, understanding ways to prevent and treat Acid Reflux.


The Drs: Endoscopic Intranasal Surgery & Acid Reflux Remedies

Stem Cell Injection For Rotator Cuff Tear

Find out how Stem Cell procedures are giving chronic pain sufferers a new lease on life. Instead of invasive surgery and long recovery times, now patients are treated with injections and see improvement within days. It’s an exciting medical development, and you learn about it for yourself.

The Doctors: Stem Cell Injection Knee Pain & Rotator Cuff Tear

The Doctors: Breast Tenderness Treatments

Find out when Breast Tenderness is normal, how to alleviate it, and the breast warning signs that mean it’s time to talk to your doctor. Also, how doctors treat Thrombosed Hemorrhoids in the office.

The Doctors: Breast Tenderness Ibuprofen Vs Acetaminophen

The Doctors: Ultra Regenerating Facial

Check out a great way to keep your skin looking young and beautiful without surgery by getting something called the 3-in-1 Ultra Regenerating Facial. Then, dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman shares a few handy tips for millions of people who suffer from jaw pain. Learn what you’re doing wrong that could be aggravating your condition.

The Doctors: 3-In-1 Ultra Regenerating Facial

The Doctors: Tennis Ball Headache Remedy With No Medication

Chronic headaches are a common complaint, but did you know you can treat them without medication? Find the simple steps you can take to cure your headache in just 10 minutes.

The Doctors: Tennis Ball Headache Remedy With No Medication


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