The Doctors TV Recap April 2 2012


The Doctors April 2 2012

Did you miss today’s episode of The Doctors? Catch up on everything they talked about, from healthy food swaps to childlike ways to stay in shape. Here are the links to the show’s segments.

The Drs: Ashley Madison Adultery Website

The Drs: Quit Smoking Diet

Get diet advice that can actually help you curb cravings and quit smoking for good.


What do you think about this controversial website that makes it easier for married couples to cheat on their spouses? The Doctors take on the CEO of this controversial company. Plus, how to enjoy your favorite foods without the added calories. You might just find a new favorite from The Doctors’ list.

The Drs: Portobello Pizza Burgers & Ashley Madison Cheating Site

The Doctors: Fitness Wave Hydrostatic BMI Tank & Krissy’s Story

When’s the last time you measured your body fat percentage? It’s come a long way since the days of doing it with a caliper in gym class. Learn how new technology can actually analyze your body fat and give you the most accurate results anywhere. Plus, one mom shares her struggle to lose weight and set a better example for her daughter.


The Doctors: Fitness Wave Hydrostatic BMI Tank & The Fresh Diet

The Doctors: Quit Smoking Diet

Did you know you can change your diet to make it easier to quit smoking? You’ve heard all the health benefits of quitting, but it’s certainly not an easy task. Find out how you can eliminate obstacles from your path and find success. This could be the right time for you to quit, and you’re going to need all the support you can get. Also, find out how to start your child off on the right foot and avoid obesity in their formative years.

The Doctors: Foods To Help You Quit Smoking & Fight Baby Fat

The Drs: OTC Vs Prescription Medication & Jump Snap Review

Learn the A to Z of taking over the counter medicines, plus what happens when you don’t refill your prescriptions at the pharmacy. Plus, find out why jumping rope is back in style and how you can get in on the fitness craze with a trendy new product that won’t trip you up.

The Drs: Jump Snap, USA Jumpstars & OTC Medication Dangers


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