The Doctors April 17 2012: Uncomfortable Body Issues & Earthworm Poop Facial


The Doctors April 17 2012

The Doctors offered a variety of How To information and advice in today’s show, from diapers to life saving techniques that almost anyone can do. Check out all their advice, because you never know when this information might come in handy.

The Drs TV: How To Change A Diaper

If you’ve been a parent, hopefully you already know the right and wrong ways to go about doing this common task. But just in case, you can learn what you need to know from the show’s pediatrician. When you’re done, you might need a drink, and The Doctors are talking about the latest trends in flavored vodkas. See if they mention your favorite variety.


The Doctors: Salmon Infused Vodka & How To Change Diapers

The Drs: How To Change A Diaper

The Doctors gave How To instructions, including diaper changing details.

The Doctors: Fried Chicken Vs Octopus

Fried chicken is a staple of American fast food diets, and millions of Americans are eating it on any given day. But we all know that it isn’t the healthiest option out there. Did you know that you could actually do your body a lot of good by eating Octopus instead? Plus, Dr. Lisa counsels a Fast Talker on how to handle Periods After Menopause.


The Doctors: Fried Vs Roasted Chicken & Octopus Health Benefits

The Drs: Vaginal Delivery Vs C Section

Is it safe to deliver a large baby vaginally? That depends on a lot of factors, but if you are having a vaginal delivery, your body is going to go through changes no matter what size the baby is. The good news is that your body will naturally prepare for this metamorphosis. Also, learn about removing different types of cysts.

The Drs: Vaginal Delivery & Birth Weight | Cyst Removal Procedures

The Doctors: Earthworm Poop Facial

Have you ever blown your nose and noticed that your snot is black or discolored? Find out what this could mean for your health. Plus, one of The Doctors participates in a dare to undergo a Hollywood beauty trend, the Earthworm Poop Facial. Find out the benefits of this procedure.

The Drs: Earthworm Poop Anti-Aging Wrinkle Butter Facial Review

The Doctors: How To Set A Broken Arm Or Leg

If you are camping or in a secluded area, what happens if you or a companion breaks their limb? The Doctors explained the proper way to temporarily stabilize this type of injury until you can get professional medical assistance. Plus, do you know the right way to use a fire extinguisher, and which types of extinguishers fight your type of fire?

The Doctors: How To Use A Fire Extinguisher With The PASS Method

The Drs TV: Heimlich Maneuver Step By Step

Learning how to properly and safely perform the Heimlich Maneuver could help you save a life. Get a refresher in the process. Plus, meet an Arm Wrestling Grandma who’s taking on one of The Doctors.

The Drs: How To Do The Heimlich Maneuver & Arm Wrestling Grandma


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