The Doctors TV Recap April 13 2012


The Doctors April 13 2012

From changing doctors to changing medical treatments, today’s edition of The Doctors focused on a simple question: Should you make the switch? Learn what’s been keeping Happy Days star Henry Winkler busy, plus how one woman is fighting back against the stigmas surrounding arthritis. Here are the segments from today’s episode.

The Doctors: Henry Winkler Dyslexia & Children’s Books

The Drs: Henry Winkler

Happy Days star Henry Winkler wasn't diagnosed as dyslexic until adulthood. Now he's sharing his struggles. (Image Credit: Eleanore Studer /


Henry Winkler became a star after his iconic role as The Fonz in the classic American sitcom Happy Days. But it wasn’t until age 31 that the actor was diagnosed with Dyslexia, after years of struggling with unexplained symptoms. Now he is the author of a humorous book series for young adults, and the main character has a learning disability. Plus, did you know that Botox has many uses besides simply cosmetic procedures? Find out the ways that it’s being used to help stroke victims go on with their lives.

The Doctors: Henry Winkler Dyslexia & Botox For Stroke Victims

The Drs: Does Alcohol Improve Parenting?

Can drinking alcohol improve your parenting skills? Should you consider changing doctors during your pregnancy? What about swapping baby formula brands? If you have parenting questions, The Doctors have the answers to all these questions and more. If you’ve been thinking about taking off some extra pounds via liposuction, you’ll want to know about the latest technique for this type of procedure. Find out how doctors are using water to make the process easier and smoother than ever.


The Drs: Water Assisted Liposuction & Switching Baby Formulas

The Doctors: Christine Schwab & The New Arthritis

Stylist and fashion expert Christine Schwab spent years rubbing elbows with the stars on the red carpet and hobnobbing with the Hollywood elite at glamorous parties. But a diagnosis of Arthritis at a young age nearly cut her career short. Find out what she did to speak out about the stigma surrounding this disease, which you might be shocked to learn is prevalent in young people the world over. Find out what The Doctors had to say about treatments for Arthritis and the ongoing search for a cure.

The Doctors: Christine Schwab & The New Arthritis

The Doctors: Char Margolis

Char Margolis is a popular psychic who is no stranger to the television world. Recently, she talked with Dr Oz about How To Find Love and the possibilities of Life After Death. She told The Doctors about the power of intuition, which she says is available to all of us. See what you think about her predictions and beliefs. Also, do you know the difference between whole grains and refined grains? Dr. Jim Sears explains which one is best for your diet, and what to look for on your next grocery trip.

The Drs: Psychic Char Margolis & Whole Grains Vs. Refined Grains


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