The Doctors TV Recap April 10 2012


The Doctors April 10 2012

What can you do when you are struggling to combat pain that just won’t seem to go away? If you can’t get control of your symptoms, don’t despair. The Doctors revealed some of their best solutions for treating chronic problems you can’t seem to get under control. Here are the links to the show segments for your information and relief.

The Doctors: Penis Tattoo Permanent Erection

The Drs: Chronic Pain

From ringing ears to bloodshot eyes, The Drs shared solutions for chronic pain symptoms.


Do you lie to your doctor? A lot of us admit to doing this, but the reality is that you are only hurting yourself. Find out some of the common fibs patients tell their physicians, and why it’s so important to be honest when you’re at the doctor’s office. Plus, how do you feel about the concept of a permanent erection? Learn how a penis tattoo created this problem for one patient.

The Drs: Ex Vivo Liver Surgery & Penis Tattoo Permanent Erection

The Doctors: Bloodshot Eye Surgery & Sun Damage

Do you wear sunglasses anytime you’re out in the bright sun? Learn why you should take this precaution, especially when it comes to letting your children play outdoors. Plus, if you have chronic Bloodshot Eyes, there could be a surgical solution to this ongoing problem.


The Doctors: Bloodshot Eye Surgery | Chronic Conjunctival Surgery

The Doctors: Public Bathroom Survival Guide

Do you know what the Lifeboat is? How about the dangers of Fecal Spray? All your fears about public restrooms are about to be reinforced. Check out The Doctors Public Bathroom Survival Guide and find out how you can avoid as many germs as possible when you have to use the facilities while out in public.

The Doctors: How To Avoid Germs In A Public Restroom

The Doctors: Dandruff Vs Scalp Dermatitis

How do you know if you have Dandruff or another skin condition? What’s the difference between Bed Bugs and Sand Fleas? The Doctors turned to a top dermatologist to help sort everything out, so you can take better care of your skin. Learn what to look for before you book that next hotel stay.

The Doctors: Scalp Dermatitis & Sand Fleas Vs Bed Bugs

The Doctors: Neuromonics Puts an End to Ringing Ears

For some people, ringing in the ears is a chronic condition, affecting them nonstop each day. But there are new treatment options that can help these people get relief from their ongoing symptoms. Find out how a new device could be the miracle cure they’ve been waiting for.

The Doctors: Tinnitus Ringing Ear Causes & Neuromonics Review

The Drs: I Dreamt Of Sausage Review & Itchy Skin Natural Remedies

Find out how one woman tackled her cancer diagnosis with humor and grace, exploring traditional and unconvential therapies and treatment options. Plus, learn some quick natural solutions to sooth your dry and itchy skin. And what you can do to improve your four-legged friend’s dental health.

The Drs: SebaMed Review For Itchy Skin & I Dreamt Of Sausage Book


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