The Doctors Recap May 8 2012


The Doctors May 8 2012

Are you spending too much on beauty products? When you add together the costs of taking care of you skin, hair, eyes, makeup and getting manicures and pedicures it just becomes hard to afford. Not to mention fighting aging. $40 billion is spent worldwide every year on plastic surgery. What are some ways you can keep up your beauty routine without breaking the bank?

The Doctors: IO Beauty Booster, Borba Skin Balance Gummi Bears & Deo

What are nutricosmetics? Are they just a fad or are they the wave of the future? Will they make makeup obsolete? Can something you eat really replace your makeup? The Doctors look at IO Beauty Booster, Borba Skin Balance Gummi Bears & Deo to find out. Plus The Naked Face Project.

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