The Doctors Recap January 9, 2012


The Doctors January 9, 2012

Today The Doctors talked about weight loss goals and strategies to achieve them. Click the links in the summaries below to learn more about each of today’s segments.

The Doctors Recap January 9, 2012

The Doctors tackled guilty pleasures, cheating spouses, and ways to lose weight.


The Doctors: Ashley Madison Adultery Advertising

What is your guilty pleasure? Whether it’s pizza or ice cream, The Doctors are sharing their healthy substitutions for some of your favorite high calorie snacks. Plus, the CEO of a dating website for cheating spouses defends his company’s sexist advertising.

The Drs: Portobello Pizza Burgers & Ashley Madison Cheating Site

The Drs: Fitness Wave

For many, struggles with weight are a lifelong battle. Krissy does not want to pass her unhealthy habits on to her kids, so she is committing to losing weight. She learned her body fat percentage underwater, using the Fitness Wave Hydrostatic BMI Tank. Plus, she’s getting free meals for a year from The Fresh Diet.


The Doctors: Fitness Wave Hydrostatic BMI Tank & The Fresh Diet

Dr. Jim Sears: Baby Fat & Smoking Diet

Dr. Jim Sears answered a viewer email about baby fat. Find out how you can help your baby avoid childhood obesity as early as when you switch them off of breast milk. Dr. Travis Stork helped a couple understand why smoking keeps people from gaining weight, and it is not good news. Find out why your smoking habit is equivalent to carrying around lots of extra body weight.

The Doctors: Foods To Help You Quit Smoking & Fight Baby Fat

The Doctors: Jump Snap & CVS Pharmacist’s Medication Warnings

Jumping rope can burn as much as 600 calories in 30 minutes of exercise. But if you get tripped up on the rope, now there is a ropeless jump rope that can help you get the benefits and count calories at the same time. The team from USA Jumpstars shared a routine and a tip to help you avoid tripping on the rope. Plus, a CVS pharmacist talked about the importance of following your doctor’s instructions and how pharmacists can help you avoid dangerous drug interactions.

The Drs: Jump Snap, USA Jumpstars & OTC Medication Dangers



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