The Doctors Recap January 6, 2012


The Doctors January 6, 2012

The Doctors talked about fixing flats all over your body today, from head to butt. Click the links below and read more about today’s show segments.

The Doctors: Butt Implant Dangers

A Florida woman is charged with giving others breast, face, and butt implants using cement and Fix-A-Flat. Victims shared their stories and The Doctors gave advice on safe ways to enhance your appearance.


The Doctors: Booty Pop, Butt Implants & Brazilian Butt Lift

The Doctors Recap: Fix Your Flats

From bellies to bottoms, today's show was all about flat bodies.

Drs TV Show: UC Davis Pepper Spray Victim

A victim of the UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident spoke out about what his body went through, and a pepper spray expert shared tips to help users protect themselves.


The Doctors: Pepper Spray Safety, Dangers & Victims

The Doctors: Flat Feet Subtalar Joint Implant & Kids Flat Foot Test

There is a non-invasive procedure that can compensate for flat feet, plus ways you can treat it over the counter at home and find out if it affects your kids. Also, learn about causes and treatments for back fat.

The Drs: Flat Feet Subtalar Joint Implant & Back Fat Solutions

The Doctors: Text Neck Spine Damage

Text Neck is a new condition caused by overuse of computers and cell phones for text messaging. It can actually change the shape of your spine and cause other health problems, but there are easy exercises you can do at home to prevent problems from Text Neck.

The Doctors: Text Neck Spine Damage & Prevention Exercises

The Drs: Flat Head Prevention

Putting babies to sleep on their back prevents deadly SIDS, but it has also led to a spike in flat heads. Dr. Jim Sears shares some helpful tips to prevent or treat non-threatening flat head in your baby.

The Drs: Flat Head Prevention, Baby Head Shaping Helmets & SIDS

The Doctors: Seductress Flat Iron Techniques

Flat Ironing your hair can create a great look, but it doesn’t have to cause damage in the process. Stylist Kim Vo shares styling tips, and Dr. Travis Stork gives you simple ways to get a flatter stomach from his book, The Lean Belly Prescription.

The Doctors: Seductress Flat Iron & Lean Belly Prescription


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