The Doctors Recap January 4, 2012


The Doctors January 4, 2012

Today’s show was all about the many ways the color white can affect your health. Peruse the links below to learn more about each of today’s topics.

The Drs TV Show: The Color White

The Doctors answered viewer questions about everything white. From dangers of the tanning bed to concerns about baby powder, and preventing whiteheads to keeping fingernails white, they gave their tips on all of it.


The Doctors: Ways The Color White Affects You In Winter

The Doctors: What White Means For Your Health

The Doctors TV Show talked about all the ways the color white affects your health during winter.

Doctors TV: White Party Menu

You can throw a healthy winter white party this year. But do you know what to serve? The Doctors revealed healthy options in showdowns featuring everything on the menu, including white chocolate, white cheeses, white champagne, and even white wine.


The Doctors: Winter White Party Health Tips And Answers

The Drs Health: What Do White Body Fluids Mean?

The Doctors examined a variety of common body fluids and whether they are supposed to be white. From breast milk and discharge to semen and even white poop, The Doctors shed light on what you need to be concerned about in your own life.

The Doctors: Why Is It White?

The Doctors: Ice Pops for Kids Medicine

Ice isn’t just for keeping your drink cold anymore. You can use it to make your soups less fattening, or even water your plants more evenly. Plus, it can make giving kids medicine, removing splinters, or getting waxed a whole lot easier.

The Doctors: Health Benefits Of Ice

Snowflake Facial Recipe: Sonya Dakar

Dr. Andrew Ordon showed simple home treatments using common household ingredients that will keep your skin healthy during the harsh cold of the winter months. There is something for everyone on any budget, and it may leave you with better smelling feet or glowing skin.

The Doctors: Protecting Your Skin In Winter

The Doctors: White Foods & Winter Warnings

Most people gain a few pounds during winter. But by paying attention to what white foods you eat, you can make healthy choices for yourself and your family. Plus, The Doctors discussed ways to warm up in the winter and safety tips for shoveling snow.

The Doctors: What White Foods Are Good & Bad For You



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