The Doctors Recap January 3, 2012


The Doctors January 3, 2012

Today The Doctors shared their 12 Month Plan For A New You In 2012. Click the links below to learn more about each of today’s segments.

The Doctors: Hangover Remedies & Fitness Goals

The Doctors Recap January 3, 2012

The Doctors shared their 12 Month Plan For A New You In 2012.


The show kicked off with some Healthy Hangover Remedies. For January, The Doctors suggest visiting your own doctor to figure out where you are at, so you can track your progress throughout the year. In February, they want you to sign up for a marathon event so you have a training goal to work toward.

The Doctors: Start 2012 Right With A Checkup & Fitness Goals

The Drs: Quit The 3 S’s

For March, The Doctors want you to battle the three Ss: sugar, salt, and smoking. These can have negative effects on your body. In April, they are challenging everyone to switch from processed to fresh foods.


The Doctors: Turn Your 2012 Resolutions Into Reality

The Doctors: Xeomin & Park Avenue Prescription

May is all about your skin, and that’s why Dr. Andrew Ordon showed off a new product similar to Botox, as well as home alternatives for fighting wrinkles.

The Doctors: New Wrinkle Busting Solutions

Dr. Lisa Masterson: Doctor’s Visits

Americans put off medical procedures to save money. But waiting can cost you more in the long run. For June, take the test or get the procedure you’ve been avoiding. Dr. Lisa Masterson also shared her September stress management strategies.

The Doctors: Visit The Doctor & Manage Your Stress

Dr. Travis Stork: GST Workout

In July, try a new workout, like the GST fitness plan that is helping people in physical therapy. August is all about weight training, and Dr. Stork showed off three common mistakes people make at the gym.

The Doctors: New GST Workout & Weight Training Safety Tips

The Doctors TV Show: 12 Months To A New You

The Doctors finished their year of health and fitness recommendations by sharing quick ways you can boost your energy throughout the workday. They shared the health benefits of giving back, and encouraged everyone to celebrate themselves and their successes in the new year.

The Doctors: Boost Your Energy & Give Back


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