The Doctors Recap January 19, 2012


The Doctors Talk Show January 19, 2012

Today’s show was about making small healthy changes that can add up to big results. Click the links below to learn more about these suggestions and segments.

How Plate Color Affects How Much You Eat

The Doctors How Plate Color Affects Portion Size

Learn how swapping your plate or changing an ingredient can lead to guilt free eating.


The color of your plate affects how much food you will eat at your meal. Find out how to strike a balance that keeps you from overeating. Plus, why wine may be causing you to go to the bathroom, and what you can do to protest the proposed elimination of Physical Education in Florida schools.

The Doctors: Laxative Wine, Plate Color & Portion Control

The Doctors: Cherry Juice Sleep Drink

Did you know that Cherry Juice can actually help you get a better night’s sleep? Find out why Cherry Juice is a better choice than wine or tea before bed. Then, learn whether it’s more important to catch up on sleep or make sure to hit the gym. Also, what type of workout will help you build your best body?


The Doctors: Cherry Juice Sleep Drink & Extra Sleep Vs Workout

Drs TV: Cord Blood Banking & Stem Cells

The Doctors take your questions and explain what you can do in a baby’s first moments of life that can have a major impact on his or her health. Also, treatment for your complexion and the answer to whether you should get vitamins from supplements or vegetables.

The Doctors: Intense Pulse Light Treatment & Cord Blood Banking

Sparkpeople Cookbook Review

Meg Galvin tested the recipes in her Sparkpeople Cookbook on her own kids, and now you can make simple adjustments to common recipes that can cut fat and calories without sacrificing flavor. Check out some of her recipes featured on today’s show.

The Drs: Guilt Free Broccoli Soup Recipe & Chicken Fingers Recipe

The Doctors: Slimmer Sloppy Joe Recipe

The Doctors: Lactose Alternative Calcium Swaps

Lactose Intolerant people still need to get their calcium. The Doctors have three simple ways you can add calcium to your diet. Also, Dr. Lisa shared her Fig Appetizer Recipe you will want to try. And a simple mistake you could be making each morning at breakfast.

Dr. Lisa’s Fig Appetizer Recipe

The Doctors: Lactose Intolerant Calcium Swaps


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