The Doctors Recap January 18, 2012


The Doctors January 18, 2012

The Doctors shared a variety of health warnings and tips to keep you attuned to your body’s signals. Click the links below to discover more information about today’s show.

Fresh Brothers Review & Vegetable Pizza Sauce

The government said that pizza sauce is a vegetable. That may be alarming, but you can actually incorporate vegetables into your pizza sauce at home, and your kids won’t notice the difference. Also, The Doctors react to new legislation that could put horse meat on a menu near you.


The Doctors: Fresh Brothers Pizza Review With 5 Vegetable Sauce

The Doctors: New Tests For Heart Disease & Bad Breath

A test for bad breath, coping with cancer, migraine surgery & heart disease tests.

The Drs TV Show: 3D Angiogram & Cardiac CT Tests

Heart Disease doesn’t always have warning signs. If you are at risk, ask your doctor about these new lifesaving tests that can detect it early, giving you the chance to stop this deadly disease from escalating.


The Doctors: Cardiac CT & 3D Angiogram Heart Disease Tests

Chronic Migraines: Neurostim Surgery

If you’ve tried everything to find relief from your migraines, a new surgery may be able to help. It is an implant device that stimulates the nerves in your brain, preventing them from causing migraines. One patient recently had the surgery and is excited about her prospects for success after just a few days.

The Doctors: Neurostim Migraine Surgery & Chronic Migraines

Beetle Extract & Liquid Nitrogen Wart Treatments

Warts can be unsightly, and there is no perfect treatment to eradicate them. But there are some effective methods that can be done at your doctor’s office or even at home. Find out what spreads warts and what to do about them.

The Doctors: Beetle Extract & Liquid Nitrogen Wart Treatments

Penis Power: Testicular Tortion & Ruptured Testicles

Groin Pain can be embarrassing, but how do you know when it is a serious medical emergency? Learn the warning signs and you could save someone’s testicle from dying off.

The Doctors: Testicular Tortion, Penis Power & Ruptured Testicles

Bana Bad Breath Test & Healthier World Cancer Website

Learn about advances in cancer diagnosis and treatment, plus a website that can help you cope with cancer. Plus, find out about a new test to determine if your Bad Breath is dangerous.

The Drs: Bana Bad Breath Test & Healthier World Cancer Website


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