The Doctors Recap January 13, 2012


The Doctors January 13, 2012

Today’s show was all about changing your mind and your routines to choose healthier options. Click the links below to learn more about today’s guests and topics.

The Drs TV: Henry Winkler Dyslexia

The Doctors: Henry Winkler & Psychic Char

The Doctors talked to Henry Winkler about Dsylexia & Strokes, and psychic Char Margolis about intuition. (Image Credit: s_bukley /


Actor Henry Winkler, star of Happy Days and now Children’s Hospital, was diagnosed with Dyslexia at age 31, and today wants to help other kids who are struggling. Doctors don’t yet have a cause or a cure, but there are new treatments that may be effective. Henry Winkler is also an advocate for stroke victims, and he helps to explain why Botox can actually improve their quality of life. Plus, he has written a series of children’s books as well as a memoir about his life.

The Doctors: Henry Winkler Dyslexia & Botox For Stroke Victims

Is It Safe To Switch Baby Formula Brands?

The Doctors tackled a variety of viewer questions. Is it OK to switch doctors and insurance companies during pregnancy? Can you switch baby formulas if a different one is on sale at the store? What can be done about botched plastic surgery? Is it true that drinking alcohol can make you a better parent? Find all the surprising answers, plus a new water assisted liposuction treatment.


The Drs: Water Assisted Liposuction & Switching Baby Formulas

Christine Schwab Arthritis Advocacy

For years, arthritis was considered an old person’s disease. But with more than 100 forms of the condition and 300,000 kids affected by it, style expert and arthritis sufferer Christine Schwab says it’s time to change the conversation about the most widespread debilitating disease in the country.

The Doctors: Christine Schwab & The New Arthritis

The Drs: Psychic Char Margolis

Do you know what a difference whole grains can make in your diet? 40% of us aren’t getting any whole grains, and making simple changes could give you control over your weight. Also, psychic Char Margolis talked about the power of intuition, and why it is important to trust your inner voice. Learn to stop suffering the consequences of making decisions that don’t feel right.

The Drs: Psychic Char Margolis & Whole Grains Vs. Refined Grains


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