The Doctors Recap January 12, 2012


The Doctors January 12, 2012

The Doctors gave advice and spotlighted new procedures today that can help with some common complaints and ailments. To learn more about each of today’s segments, click the links below.

The Doctors: Can You Get Cancer From Sitting Down?

The Doctors: Scoliosis

The Doctors discussed new breaking Scoliosis Treatments.


A new study claims that people with STDs have worse body odor than healthy people. This could lead to a lot of silly sniff tests at bars! You’ll want to stand up on your next night out though, because sitting down now causes cancer. Doesn’t everything? Plus, how to manage unsightly Beard Dandruff, or Beardruff.

The Drs: Can You Smell STDs & How To Cure Beard Dandruff

The Drs: Hammer Toe & Frey’s Syndrome

Many people are unhappy with their feet. But a condition called Hammer Toe is very common, and there is a new surgery that dramatically reduces recovery time. Do you sweat every time you chew food? If so, you may have Frey’s Syndrome, and you have a few options for addressing it.


The Doctors: Hammer Toe Surgery & Frey’s Syndrome Facial Sweating

The Drs TV: Malar Bags & Scoliosis Surgery

If you have bags under your eyes, and it’s not from a late, sleepless night, it could be a more serious condition caused by sun exposure. Find out how it can be treated. Plus, there is hope for Scoliosis sufferers with a new corrective procedure that can make patients look and feel years younger.

The Doctors: Fixing Eyelid Bags & Scoliosis Spinal Fusion Surgery

The Doctors: Beardruff & Dandruff

Protecting your skin from the sun can go a long way toward avoiding damage to your facial skin. But if you already have fine lines, wrinkles, or discoloration, there may be something you can do about it. Dr. Travis Stork shared simple tips for dealing with dandruff in the colder months. Dr. Andrew Ordon showed off his Botox technique to treat Frey’s Syndrome. And a past guest phoned in to share an update on how the show inspired her to change her life and feel better about her body.

The Doctors: Photodynamic Damaged Skin Treatment & Dandruff Tips


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