The Doctors Recap January 10, 2012


The Doctors January 10, 2012

Here’s a look at highlights from today’s episode of The Doctors. To learn more about each topic, click the links below.

The Doctors: Biochemical Bird Flu Scare & Birth Control Blood Clot Risks

The Doctors talked about the hazards of a biochemical strain of bird flu that could harm the population. Why was this created and what are the dangers? Plus, could your birth control pills be putting you at risk for blood clots? It’s not as simple as the news reports might make it sound. Find out the real answers from Dr. Lisa Masterson.


The Drs: H5N1 Bird Flu Scare & Drospirenone Birth Control Risks

The Drs: Kids Fever Risks

The Doctors covered birth control blood clots, Pterygium eye surgery & kids fever warning signs.

The Drs: Neck Pain Surgery & Pterygium Eye Surgery

If your neck pain is above average and is keeping you from enjoying life, this new surgery could help you. Plus, a common eye problem that is caused by UV exposure, and could lead to complications and blindness if untreated. Find out what you need to ask your eye doctor about.


The Doctors: Anterior Cervical Discectomy & Pterygium Eye Surgery

The Doctors: CRAP PINK Method

PINK Method Author Cynthia Pasquella returned to tell The Doctors about some easy swaps you can make to eliminate CRAP foods from your diet, including a breakfast smoothie, guilt-free chicken nuggets, and more. Also, PINK Method users share their updates since last appearing on the show, and find out why a support system is so important to your weight loss goals.

The Doctors: CRAP Diet Substitutes & The PINK Method Successes

The Doctors TV: Kids Fever Dangers & Type 2 Diabetes Risks

Parents are anxious if a child has a fever, but staying calm is key. Find out the easy ways you can be ready for your child’s illness, and learn the serious warning signs that mean it’s time to call the doctor. Pediatrician Dr. Alanna Levine shares her tips. Plus, there is a simple way you can lower your Type 2 Diabetes risk and it won’t cost you anything. Find out what it is.

The Drs: Kids Fever Warning Signs & How To Lower Diabetes Risk


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