The Doctors Recap December 30, 2011


The Doctors December 30, 2011

Today’s show was all about how to get thin, get pretty, and get rich. Click on the links in each section below to learn more about that segment from today’s program.

The Doctors: Are Sugar Daddies A Form Of Prostitution?

The Doctors Recap December 30, 2011

The Doctors tackled ways to get thin, get pretty, and get rich.


The Doctors began today’s show by discussing the importance of support from family and friends when you are dieting. They also discussed the ethics of sugar daddy relationships, where attractive young women have relationships with older, wealthy men for financial reasons. Is this a form of prostitution?

The Doctors: Diets, Sugar Daddies & Prostitution

The Drs: Family Diet

Devon’s parents wrote to The Doctors about his weight struggles. Now the whole family has changed their diet and Devon has lost over 100 pounds in just four months. They shared their story so far, and got surprise gifts to keep them motivated.


The Doctors: Devon’s Weight Loss Journey

The Doctors TV: Domestic Violence

Maria said she has been in and out of abusive relationships her whole life. Now she helps others escape and cope with their situations. The Doctors surprised her with dental work and plastic surgery to help her outside appearance match her newfound inner glow.

The Doctors: Overcoming Domestic Abuse

The Doctors: Incidental Exposure

The skin is your body’s largest organ, and skin cancer is a common problem in America. The Doctors said that the most damaging effects of UV rays can be from the incidental exposure you get when you are going about your daily routine. They shared tips and products to protect your skin from aging and other dangers like skin cancer.

The Doctors: How To Protect Your Skin

The Drs – Breast Implants: Can They Make You Rich?

One woman said breast implants not only gave her confidence, they gave her a career. The Doctors debated the pros and cons of breast augmentation, and whether it will really have benefits for you in the workplace.

The Doctors: Can Breast Implants Get You A Job?

The Doctors: Semi-Permanent Mascara

Removing makeup can be a daily hassle. But now there is an easier way to approach your mascara, as Jillian Michaels and Inez explained. Also, an author shared his tips for helping you get richer in 2012.

The Doctors: Permanent Mascara Solutions & Get Rich Tips


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