The Doctors March 23 2012 – TV Show Recap


The Doctors March 23 2012

The Doctors want everyone to look and feel their best inside and out, though to be fair they mostly tend to focus on the outside. Here are the segments from the show about how to look and feel prettier, from your teeth to your toes. Click the links for full details.

The Drs: What’s the Ideal Breast Cleavage Spacing?

The Doctors: Look Great Head To Toe

From braces to foot fungus, The Drs are helping you look great from head to toe.


Do you know how to measure the idea distance between your breasts? Learn the plastic surgeon’s secret. Plus, could your sweet tooth be causing you to grow facial hair? Find out why it’s different for men and women.

The Drs: Breast Cleavage Ideal Spacing & Sugar Causes Facial Hair

The Doctors: CoreScan Fat Test

The Doctors used CoreScan technology to learn about the different types of fat we’re carrying around our bellies. Learn whether you should be more worried about the fat you can see, or the fat you can’t see. Also, how does your body’s fat storage affect your Diabetes risk?


The Drs: CoreScan Fat Test Review & Visceral Vs Subcutaneous Fat

The Doctors: Power Chain Braces Review

Are you tired of the awkward gap between your teeth? There’s a new Power Chain procedure that claims it can clear that up in a fraction of the time, compared to traditional braces. Also, discover what your thinning eyelashes could be saying about your health.

The Doctors: Power Chain Teeth Gap Braces & Eyelash Extensions

The Doctors: Sangria Foot Fungus Recipe & Athlete’s Foot Menthol Rub

If you are struggling to kick a case of Athlete’s Foot or other Foot Fungus, check out Dr. Ordon’s recommended at home solution secrets. They can have your feet looking and smelling much better in no time using fresh and fruity ingredients, but you won’t want to drink this concoction when you’re done.

The Drs: Sangria Foot Fungus Recipe & Athlete’s Foot Menthol Rub

The Drs: Non-Alcoholic Beer & Breast Milk | Freezing Breast Milk

Breastfeeding is an interesting time for a new mom, and like many concerns among parents, it can raise a lot of questions. Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears answered all your questions about the ins, outs, dos and don’ts of Breast Milk.

‘The Drs: Non-Alcoholic Beer & Breast Milk | Freezing Breast Milk

The Doctors: Love Sandwich Recipe

Are you looking to increase your stamina or recharge for your partner in the bedroom? Dr. Travis has a tasty and healthy recipe designed to actually replenish some of the nutrients your body loses, so you’re ready to go again after your snack break.


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