The Doctors: Joan & Melissa Rivers Home Remedies & Worlds Biggest Hips


The Doctors June 13 2013 Recap

The Doctors June 13 2013 episode saw two very special guests come on the show. Melissa and Joan Rivers were on the show to talk about their new show together and to give out some of their best home remedies. The Doctors also had a lot of helpful information about weight loss tricks, dieting tips and some great home remedies.

The Doctors: Kelly Osbourne Seizure Joan & Melissa Rivers Show

The Doctors: Joan & Melissa Rivers Home Remedies & Worlds Biggest Hips

The Doctors June 13 2013 talked with Joan and Melissa Rivers about their best home remedies and they met the woman with the world’s biggest hips.
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Joan and Melissa Rivers stopped by The Doctors to talk about their reality show, Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best, and Melissa discussed her first hand account of Kelly Osbourne having a seizure on the set of Fashion Police.

The Doctors: Joan & Melissa Rivers Show & Kelly Osbourne Seizure

The Doctors: Joan & Melissa: Home Remedies & Joan Knows Best

Melissa and Joan Rivers played a game with The Doctors where they revealed the best home remedies for congestion, razor burn and damaged hair. Click the link below to find out really knows better, mother or daughter.


The Doctors: Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best & Home Remedies

The Doctors: Are Mikel’s Hips Real & World Record Biggest Hips

The biggest hips in the world belong to 39-year-old Mikel. Her hips have been measured to be eight feet in circumference making her a Guinness world record holder. She stopped by The Doctors so they could examine her hips and so they could examine her and possibly find out what caused her hips to grow so large.

The Doctors: World Record Biggest Hips & Are Mikel’s Hips Real?

The Doctors: How To Avoid Food Poisoning & Losing Baby Weight

Sue had her second child at the age of 40 and now she is having trouble losing her baby weight. She asked The Doctors for help and they came up with great advice on how she can lose the weight and keep it off. Also,they went over some of the best ways to indulge in desserts without gaining weight.

The Doctors: Losing Baby Weight & How To Avoid Food Poisoning


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