The Doctors How to Lose an Unhealthy Guy in 10 Days: September 11 2012


The Doctors: September 11, 2012

A lot of couples are having trouble finding the time to work out and be healthy, but The Doctors know you need to. Eating healthy, exercising and cutting out bad habits were the topics on The Doctors September 11. The Doctors talked about ways a sedentary lifestyle can be harmful, how water is crucial part of every diet, fun ways to make vegetables good for you, how smoking effects many people and fun, easy exercises that can keep a person healthy.

The Doctors How to Lose an Unhealthy Guy in 10 Days: September 11 2012

The Doctors TV Show on September 11, 2012 is about "How to Lose an Unhealthy Guy in 10 Days."


The Doctors: Nexercise Exercise iPhone App

The Doctors TV Show on September 11 began with ways a sedentary lifestyle is not a healthy lifestyle. The Doctors discuss how a wife is having trouble getting her husband off the couch. The Doctors discuss how exercise is a necessity and reviewed the Nexercise iPhone App to help you track your exercise.  Read more about Nexercise and this segment by clicking on the link below.

The Doctors: Nexercise App Review – The Best Exercise Tracking App

The Doctors: Sleep Phones – Pajamas For Your Ears

The Doctors discuss how getting a good nights sleep is essential to being healthy. The Doctors discuss ways to have a better nights sleep and Dr. Stork talks about downsides to getting little sleep. Also, The Doctors talk about Sleep Phones and Eye Masks, which you can read more about in the link below.


The Doctors: Sleep Phones Review: Pajamas For Your Ears, Do They Work?

The Doctors: Crossfit Exercises

The Doctors help a couple who want to exercise more. A Crossfit trainer is brought in to help the husband, who says he is allergic to working out, find good exercises he can do. The Doctors even call in one of his friends for support. Read about the Crossfit Exercises in the following link:

The Doctors: Crossfit Trainer Exercises – Box Jump & The Thruster

The Doctors: Citrus Zinger & Water Your Body App

The Doctors discuss the need for everyone to drink ample amounts of water throughout the day and the effects dehydration can have on the brain, liver and many other parts of the body. Plus, if you don’t like the taste of water, Dr. Lisa Masterson has a product for you.

The Doctors: Water Your Body App & Citrus Zinger Review

The Doctors: Powerhouse Vegetable Smoothie Recipe

The Doctors discuss the need to eat healthy and ways to stop hunger with good foods, which include numerous vegetables and fruits. Dr. Lisa Masterson also introduces the Powerhouse Smoothie, an excellent, healthy drink that can easily be made.

The Doctors Powerhouse Smoothie Recipe – Vegetable Smoothie Made Yummy

The Doctors: My Quit Coach iPhone App Review

The Doctors discuss how second hand smoke can hurt everyone around the smoker and they offer some solutions to help smokers put down the smokes and pick up other healthier habits. Also, The Doctors help a a women who wants her husband to stop smoking.

The Doctors: MyQuitCoach App Review – The App to Help You Quit Smoking

The Doctors Fountain of Youth

Finally, The Doctors debuted a new segment called the Fountain of Youth where an audience member picks a message out of a fountain and The Doctors tell you a way to fufill that message.

Todays message: Keep your mind sharp, no matter the age, by playing brain games.



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