The Doctors: How Caffeine Affects The Body & Symptoms Of Diabetes


The Doctors: June 3 2013

On The Doctors June 3 2013, Dr. David Josephson and Dr. Travis explained how caffeine affects the body and some possible negative side effects that may result from America’s obsession with caffeine.

The Doctors: Caffeine In Energy Drinks & How Caffeine Overdose Affects Body

The Doctors: How Caffeine Affects The Body & Symptoms Of Diabetes

On The Doctors June 3 2013, they explained how caffeine affects the body.


With America consuming 15 million pounds of caffeine, ER doctor Dr. Travis came in to explain how caffeine affects the body and can not only negatively affect our health, but can actually be overdosed on. He also spoke on the alarming rise in emergency room visits that have resulted from an increased consumption of energy drinks and caffeine.

The Drs: Energy Drink Caffeine Overdose & How Caffeine Affects Body

The Doctors: Incontinence In Men & Dr David Josephson Caffeine

While Dr. Travis talked about caffeine overdose, Dr. David Josephson spoke about how caffeine can cause incontinence when taken in high doses. For those that were wondering whether or not they might be incontinent, Dr. Josephson ended the segment by pointing out some symptoms of incontinence.


The Doctors: Dr David Josephson Caffeine And Incontinence In Men

The Doctors: Symptoms of Diabetes &  Elizabeth Perkins Type I Diabetes

Although actress Elizabeth Perkins is well-known for her roles on TV shows such as Weeds, a lesser-known fact about her is that she is a Type I Diabetic. Perkins talked about her Type I Diabetes, and talked about her upcoming documentary, Diabetes Co-Stars. Then, the doctors went over the symptoms of diabetes to watch out for.

The Doctors: Elizabeth Perkins Type I Diabetes & Symptoms of Diabetes

The Doctors: Dress For Success & Dr Karent Sierra Smile Makeover

Dress For Success is an organization that assists women in finding careers to improve their quality of life. Susan, a 33-year-old mother of six that is currently homeless and struggling to find work, was assisted by Dress For Success and given a complete smile makeover for her thoroughly decayed teeth, which were presumed to be part of the reason she couldn’t find work.

The Doctors: Dr Karent Sierra Smile Makeover & Dress For Success


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