The Doctors: Crazy Jimbo Energy Drink Recipe & Laugh Line Stretcher


The Doctors May 28 2013 Recap

The Doctors May 28 2013 episode was totally different than any other episode The Doctors have ever filmed. They took the stage without their scripts and without any knowledge of what they could expect as Jaleel White, host of the SyFy series Total Blackout, put them to the test on their health knowledge.

The Doctors: Laugh Line Mouth Stretcher & Kym Douglas Odd Beauty Products

The Doctors: Total Blackout Health Challenges & Healthy Energy Drink

The Doctors May 28 2013 invited Total Blackout host, Jaleel White, on the show for some health challenges and Dr. Andrew Ordon removes a cyst from a back.


The Doctors invited Jaleel White on the show and right away he was challenging The Doctors to put their medical knowledge to the test while tapping into their darkest fears. If you want to know what The Doctors are most afraid of, click the link below.

Then, Kym Douglas stopped by to go over some of the most odd beauty products on the market and she discussed some pretty strange facts about baby food with everyone in the audience.

The Doctors: “Total Blackout” Dares & Kym Douglas Odd Beauty Products


The Doctors: Fear of the Unknown & Dr Ritu Chopra Cyst Removal

In the second Total Blackout challenge on the show, Dr. Travis Stork experienced the unknown. White sent him into a room where he encountered some creepy creatures he probably didn’t want meet in the first place.

Do you have a strong stomach? Do you want to see cyst be removed? Dr. Andrew Ordon gave Dr. Ritu Chopra a hand as they removed a cyst backstage. Click the link below to watch a video of the procedure.

The Doctors: Fear of the Unknown & Dr Ritu Chopra Cyst Removal

The Doctors: Crazy Jimbo Energy Drink Recipe

A lot of people are skeptical of energy drinks and The Doctors feel the same way. They believe there are better and healthier ways to get more energy throughout the day. They looked at the dangers of energy drinks and also went over how you can make a healthy alternative right in your own home, which they named the Crazy Jimbo Energy Drink Recipe!

The Doctors: Energy Drink Dangers & Healthy Energy Alternatives


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