The Doctors: Cold Sore Facts & Kari Wuhrer Positive Body Image Tips


The Doctors June 11 2013 Recap

The Doctors kick off this weeks TMI Tuesday with a round of some of the most embarrassing questions they have received from viewers. From excessive drooling to split toenails to cold sores, The Doctors cover it all on their June 11 2013 episode.

Besides helping the audience with their embarrassing problems, The Doctors also talk with Kari Wuhrer about her decision to remove her breast implants.


The Doctors: Does Medication Cause Body Odor & Spreading Cold Sores

The Doctors: Cold Sore Facts & Kari Wuhrer Positive Body Image Tips

The Doctors June 11 2013 went over everything you need to know about cold sores and Kari Wuhrer gave some tips for maintaining a positive body image.
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The Doctors gave everyone all the information they need to know about cold sores. From how they spread to whether you can get a cold sore from someone who doesn’t have one, they have all your questions answered. They also looked at new type of medication that could be causing body odor.

The Doctors: Spreading Cold Sores & Does Medication Cause Body Odor?


The Doctors: How To Avoid Chafing & Tips for Preventing Cellulite

Backfat is very unsightly but The Doctors had some solutions. They shared their best tips for preventing cellulite and avoiding chafing while exercising.

The Doctors: Tips For Preventing Cellulite & How To Avoid Chafing

The Doctors: Excessive Drooling & Split Toenail Removal Procedure

Dr. Ali Sadrieh performed a split toenail removal procedure on a viewer and explained how to prevent ingrown toenails. Click the link below to check out the video of the procedure and to learn why excessive drooling in the middle of the night could be a cause for concern.

The Doctors: Split Toenail Removal Procedure & Excessive Drooling

The Doctors: Kari Wuhrer Positive Body Image & Breast Augmentation

The Doctors closed out their show by talking with actress Kari Wuhrer about removing her breast implants and the difficulties of keeping a positive body image in Hollywood. Click the link below to get some advice on loving who you are and to find out how Kari learned to love her body.

The Doctors: Kari Wuhrer Breast Augmentation & Positive Body Image


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