The Doctors: Best Underwear For Working Out & Finger Nail Health Signs


The Doctors: June 6 2013

On The Doctors June 6 2013, they told us just the right kind of underwear for working out, the odds that you will find melanoma in a finger or toe nail, how you can receive Botox to help an overactive bladder, and a few new-age hangover cures for those that have tried it all without success.

The Doctors: Underwear For Working Out & Why We Take Medicine Under The Tongue

The Doctors: Best Underwear For Working Out & Finger Nail Health Signs

The Doctors June 6 2013 told us the best underwear for working out.


A viewer had a question about underwear for working out because he wasn’t sure whether or not any should be work. The Doctors said that the material it is made of is very important. For men, get underwear that whisks moisture and heat away. For women, a cotton liner is needed in case of discharge. Then, they explained that taking medicine under the tongue allows it to absorb better.

The Drs: Best Underwear for Working Out & Medicine Under Your Tongue?

The Doctors: Five Health Clues You Can Get From Your Nails

The Doctors noted that monitoring the condition of your nails can help you keep track of your health. Hard, yellow nails can be an indicator of lung problems, Beau’s Lines can tell you when you are suffering from illness, Mee’s Lines can signal congestive heart failure and Hodgkin’s Disease if found in more than one nail, splinter hemorrhages are generally caused by Bacterial Endocarditis, and pigment in the Hutchinson’s sign will probably require a biopsy to check for melanoma.


The Doctors: Yellow Nails, Beau’s & Mees’ Lines and Melanoma in Nails

The Doctors: Botox for Overactive Bladder & Fixing Urge Incontinence

A common problem for women is urge incontinence, a frequent need to urinate. A new and effective form of treatment for this are small injections of Botox into the bladder, rather than taking bladder pills that often bring with them a lot of side effects.

The Doctors: Urge Incontinence and Botox for Overactive Bladder?

The Doctors: New Hangover Cures & LAVIV Procedure Get Rid of Wrinkles

The new LAVIV procedure has been found to be one of the best ways to get rid of wrinkles. It involves harvesting a small amount of skin from behind the ear, then growing 8 million new skin cells from it. Then, they reviewed hangover supplements Mercy, Pregame, and Blowfish and found that none of them are particularly good and fixing hangovers.

The Doctors: LAVIV Procedure Get Rid of Wrinkles & New Hangover Cures?


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