The Doctors: Best Birth Control Pills & The Importance Of Flossing


The Doctors: June 7 2013

On The Doctors June 7 2013, they showed us the best birth control pills, how blepharoplasty can help droppy eyelids, some at-home remedies for canker sores, the benefits of flossing, the best proteins to take, and much more.

The Drs: Blepharoplasty For Droopy Eyelids & BabyComfortNose Removes Mucus

The Doctors: Best Birth Control Pills & The Importance Of Flossing

The Doctors filled us in on the best reasons to make flossing a part of your routine.


The Doctors finally cleared up what to do with that mucus that you cough up when you are sick by telling us that you can swallow it or spit it out, and how the BabyComfortNose can help a baby breathe when they are congested. Then, they told us how effective blepharoplasty is in curing droopy eyelids.

The Drs: BabyComfortNose Removes Mucus & Blepharoplasty For Droopy Eyelids

The Drs: Best Birth Control & Taking Antidepressants When Pregnant

With so many birth control options on the market, picking out the right one can be challenging. They showed us pills for women that got nausea, women that forget to take their pill, and even women who can’t use hormones. Then, they said that while the safety of certain antidepressants during pregnancy are up in the air, most are safe, and should be taken throughout a pregnancy.


The Drs: Taking Depression Medicine When Pregnant & Best Birth Control

The Drs: Canker Sore Home Remedies & Use Ginger Ale To Settle Stomach

Though there is no cure for canker sores, there are plenty of remedies such as salt water rinse, numbing gels, and baking soda paste to help make them go away faster, and they said all three are equally effective. Then, they talked about the various wart removal techniques, such as waiting it out for as long as 18 months, using topicals, or getting them frozen off. Finally, they explained just how effective ginger ale can be in curing a sour stomach.

The Drs: Use Ginger Ale To Settle Stomach & Canker Sore Home Remedies

The Doctors: New Treatment For Removing Keloids & Benefits of Flossing

The Doctors stressed the importance of flossing because 90 percent of dental cavities begin in between the contact points of the teeth. Then they explained how to remove keloids, lumpy masses that grow on the ears from an excess of scar tissue.

The Doctors: Benefits of Flossing & New Treatment For Removing Keloids

The Drs: Best Protein Choices & Removing Buccal Fat for Skinny Cheeks

Chubby cheeks are caused by buccal fat, and the doctors explained how the go about getting the procedure done, and precautions to be taken when being considered as a candidate. Then, they showed us ideal sources of protein.

The Drs: Removing Buccal Fat for Skinny Cheeks & Best Protein Choices


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