The Doctors April 4: Household Dangers & Drinking Hand Sanitizer


The Doctors April 4 2013 Recap

What if the everyday items in your home could be harming your health? That was the theme of The Doctors April 4, an episode that featured previously aired segments on dangerous household items and trends. For more information on each segment of The Doctors, click the links below.

The Doctors: Teens Distilling Alcohol From Hand Sanitizer

The Doctors April 4: Household Dangers & Drinking Hand Sanitizer

The Doctors April 4 shared information on dangerous household items such as hand sanitizer and sleeping pills.


The Doctors April 4 covered two very disturbing trends: drinking hand sanitizer and garage-hopping. According to The Doctors, teenagers are now drinking hand sanitizer to get high and breaking into garages in order to get their hands on chemicals and alcohol. Find out how these current teen trends could put your child at risk and what you can do to prevent them.

The Doctors: Teenagers Getting High on Hand Sanitizer & Garage Hopping

The Doctors: Driving After Taking Sleeping Pills

Find out why you may want to avoid driving after taking sleeping pills. One Doctors viewer, Veronica, asked if she should be driving the morning after her nightly sleeping pill. The answer just may shock you! It’s vital information if you or someone you know takes sleeping pills each night.


The Doctors: Should You Be Driving After Taking Sleeping Pills?

The Doctors: Uterine Prolapse and Hysterectomy from Coughing?

Lisa, a Doctors viewer, recently underwent a hysterectomy after severe coughing led to a uterine prolapse. Join Lisa and Dr. Adam Steinberg in the OR and learn more about her condition.

The Doctors: Coughing Causes Uterine Prolapse? Hysterectomy Surgery

The Doctors: Philips Sonicare Toothbrush & Misophonia

Dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman recommended the Philips Sonicare toothbrush on The Doctors April 4. Plus, find out more about a bizarre condition known as misophonia. Is “hatred of sound” actually a real thing, and if so, how is it treated?

The Doctors: Misophonia and Misophonia Management Protocol

The Drs: Ensure Clear Nutritional Drink & Staying Healthy While Aging

Finally, learn how to stay healthy as you age with Ensure Clear Nutritional Drink and also find out how pantyhose can save your life.

The Drs: Ensure Clear Nutritional Drink & Staying Healthy While Aging


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