Teething Bling & Male Birth Control: The Doctors June 12 2012 Recap


The Doctors June 12 2012

You probably know from experience that life can change in an instant. It’s amazing to think that medicine is one of the best tools we have for tackling whatever problems pop up unexpectedly in life. For The Doctors June 12 2012 episode, the team discussed some amazing breakthroughs and stunning stories of potentially game changing medical research, including Whole Genome Sequencing, Blepharitis Tests, and even ways to manage your risk of Coronary Artery Disease. Here are all the segments from The Doctors June 12 2012 show.

Ultrasound Male Birth Control: The Doctors June 12 2012 Recap

Could a new male ultrasound treatment shift the birth control burden off women? Learn about this and more stories from The Doctors June 12 2012.


Vasectomy Vs Ultrasound: Male Birth Control

Birth control discussions often center primarily around options for female birth control, such as Adiana Permanent Birth Control. But did you know there is advancing research in new options for male birth control, including a unique ultrasound treatment as a Vasectomy alternative? Plus, The Doctors explored the Aqua Cycling Trend.

The Doctors: Ultrasound Male Birth Control & Aqua Spinning Workout

The Drs TV: Coronary Artery Disease & Stress Tests

Do you know your family history? Find out the risk factors that can affect your chances of developing Coronary Artery Disease, and find out what happened when one of The Doctors underwent a stress test. Also, learn some other potential causes for shortness of breath.


Coronary Artery Disease Risk Factors & Shortness Of Breath Causes

Rapid Recovery Botox Breast Implants Review

Botox is a remarkable medical tool. Though it was originally used to smooth wrinkles, The Doctors are always finding new medical applications for the product. Now you can use it in conjunction with a breast implant procedure to speed recovery times and lead to more satisfying results. Also, The Doctors featured the Artefill treatment for acne scars.

The Doctors: Rapid Recovery Breast Implants With Botox Review

The Doctors: Genetic Mapping Research

Surprising medical problems can be startling and upsetting at any age, but they are especially heartbreaking for parents of young children. The Doctors shared the story of a mother of twins who were misdiagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Learn how her persistence eventually led to the correct diagnosis, and how genetic mapping research made the discovery possible.

The Doctors: Whole Genome Sequencing & Segawa’s Dystonia

The Drs: Blepharitis Vs Dry Eye

Do you constantly have Dry Eyes bothering you throughout the day? If conventional treatments and products don’t seem to be providing relief, you might need to be tested for a condition called Blepharitis, which has similar symptoms and is treatable.

The Doctors: Blepharitis Eye Acne Tests & Treatment

The Doctors: Teething Bling Review

If your baby can’t seem to keep your favorite things out of his or her mouth, that’s a sure sign of teething. But if you want to protect your baby and your valuables, the creative Teething Bling might be just the answer to your problems. Also, learn about CDC recommendations for adult vaccines.

Teething Bling Review & CDC Adult Vaccine Recommendations


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