ResQMe & Boot Band Extenders Reviews: The Doctors August 3 2012 Recap


The Doctors August 3 2012

The Doctors August 3 2012 show featured H words that affect your health, including Hemorrhoids, Hair Loss, and even Hirschsprung’s Disease. The team also took a look at some of their new favorite products, including the ResQMe Keychain and Boot Band Extenders. Check out these segments and solutions for H-word health problems from The Doctors August 3 2012 episode.

ResQMe Keychain Review: How To Escape A Sinking Car

ADHD Alternatives: The Doctors August 3 2012 Recap

With a potential Adderal shortage looming, The Doctors August 3 2012 looked at alternative treatments for ADHD.


The Doctors explored a recent news story about everyday heroes who saved children trapped inside a sinking car. Would you know what to do in this situation? You can be prepared with a tool such as the ResQMe Keychain, which is designed to help puncture car windows in an emergency situation.

The Doctors: ResQMe Keychain & How To Escape A Sinking Car

Adderal Shortage & ADHD Diagnosis

Some doctors believe that ADHD is too often diagnosed in America. That may be illustrated by this year’s Adderal shortage, which has parents, patients and even kids panicking about the short supply of the popular ADD medication. Find out some alternative remedies for treating the disorder that don’t rely on medication.


The Drs: ADHD Adderal Alternatives & Hyperventilation Remedies

How To Remove Hemorrhoids: Hemorrhoidectomy

Hemorrhoids can be painful and uncomfortable, but they happen to many more people than you might think. The Doctors explained the surgical procedure, Hemorrhoidectomy, that is used for advanced or extreme cases of this condition.

The Doctors: Hemorrhoidectomy | Laryngitis Causes & Treatments

Boot Band Review: Boot Extensions & Calf Liposuction

Do you hate your calves? Do you find it impossible to find a pair of boots that fit? The Doctors shared a creative new solution: Boot Bands, which instantly give you the chance to be more comfortable in your favorite fashionable boots, no matter what size your calves or legs. Of course, for a more dramatic effect, you can also consider a calf liposuction treatment.

The Drs: Boot Band Boot Extensions & Tumescent Calf Liposuction

The Doctors: 4-Step Hair Transplant Surgery

We’ve all seen the endless commercials for hair loss remedies and treatments, but is there really finally a solution that works? The Doctors outlined a four-step process for hair transplant surgery that could give hope to patients struggling with baldness or hair loss.

The Doctors: 4-Step Hair Transplant Surgery & Plantar Fasciitis

The Drs: Why Babies Need To Poop

Did you know it’s critical for your newborn to poop in the first 48 hours? Find out why. Plus, what parents need to know about detecting ringworm vs. rash in young children. Learn the signs and protect your family.

The Doctors: Hirschsprung’s Disease In Babies & Ringworm Vs Rash


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